Some Popular Nosh in Saigon

The young here usually invite their friends eat outside after working hours. They do not choose expensive restaurants but go to common ones with both tasty and cheap dishes. So now, we introduce you should- taste dishes when visiting Saigon.

Fried quail with butter

cut chien bo

                                Each person is able to eat about 2 or 3 fried quail birds

With special sauce added some slices of pepper, served with cucumber, Vietnamese mint and bread, restaurants serving fried quail with butter particularly attract the young. If you go together with your friends, you will be invited salted mango as a dessert before enjoying the fried quail dish. The quail’s meat is soft and well marinated with butter.

The price of each bird costs about VND 12,000 to 15,000 on Dong Nai road, district 10.

Crab Soup

sup cua

Crab soup has long been considered as a dessert, but now it becomes a street nosh. A hot bowl of crab soup is served with green onions, pepper, chili, and sweetness of corn or the chew of meat which give an appetite.

A quality bowl of crab soup must be served with a lot of pepper and when it is still hot. It costs about VND 10,000/bowl.

Phá lấu (a Chinese Buffet)

pha lau 2

After official working hours, places selling phá lấu in the city are very crowded. A small bowl of phá lấu processed from bee nest, tripe, etc. will be tasty when served with bread and dipped into tamarind sauce. Streets at district 4 are famous for the dish phá lấu.

For those who have lived in Saigon surely enjoyed this bowl of phá lấu.

A hot bowl of phá lấu can be varied to a dish of phá lấu noodle. The price is about VND 13,000 to 20,000.

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