A Meeting Place at Rooftop Zen Plaza- Ho Chi Minh city

The question “Where do we go and what do we do today?” is usually a headache question to many people when they find a meeting place.

It seems stupid when someone asks the question in the largest and most population in Vietnam but it is true. And if you are confusing about something like that, we will give you an interesting suggestion.

Beer Club with the first shop named Beer Club Vuvuzela. The brand Beer Club is going to open the seventh shop at the rooftop of Zen Plaza in the center of District 1, Ho Chi Minh city. Right from coming into operation, Beer Club aims to young customers, especially young officers who do not hesitate to express their personality. Comfortable space and busy atmosphere are always favored by Vuvuzela. With decoration like bar style, Vuvuzela has enough area for parties with a number of members, thoughtful and dynamic services create happy and close feeling to dinners of Beer Club. Vuvuzela confirms itself with “distinct- strange” things by combining groundbreaking activities with business activity like interacting games, belly dance, and music performance of famous DJs.


Music performance of first-class DJs is a plus attractive point of Beer Club Vuvuzela.

Those are additional activities to get attention of seeing and hearing. What is about the most important of taste? Being an agency of supplying 60 kinds of beer (fresh beer, imported beer) with well-known brands such as: Bitburger, Paulaner, Budvar, Stella Artois, etc., Vuvuzela confidently serves various and new choices for beer lovers. Regarding food, being “close relative” of big brands such as: SumoBBQ, Kichi-Kichi, Ashima, Gogi House, etc., Vuvuzela of course knows how to satisfy “the King”. That is strength of Vuvuzela.


                                       Cuisine- one of strengths of Vuvuzela

The seventh place of Vuvuzela at the rooftop of Zen Plaza, 54-56 Nguyen Trai, district 1, promises to bring a total different class for customers. Regarding the different class, it is not only because of favorable location in the center, but Vuvuzela also takes advantage of the location of rooftop by using glass material in design, creating open space that bringing wonderful optical experiences for customers. Another strength of Vuvuzela Beer Club that help it outstanding compared to other place is a free and comfortable place. Because the pressure life full of work sometimes forces you to be someone else but not yourselves, and occasions of entertainment is the time to reveal yourselves best.


                            Vuvuzela Zen Plaza promises to be a great place.

Branches of Vuvuzela Beer Club in Ho Chi Minh city:

-           11B Nguyen Binh Khiem street, district 1 (phone no.: 08 39102281)

-           A43 Truong Son street, Tan Binh district (phone no.: 08 38486180)

-           54-56 Nguyen Trai street, district 1

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