A scenic trekking route not to be missed Ta Nang – Phan Dung

If you have a chance to experience through the trekking path for a Vietnam trekking tour, one thing that you must admit is that Ta Nang – Phan Dung is the path across forest whose beauty goes beyond your imagination. The trekking path meanders through the hills and highlands filled with green grass and trees, which blows away your tiredness and stress in daily life to let yourself relax with the masterpieces of nature.

The route is approximately 55 kilometers stretching over three provinces: from Ta Nang Commune in Lam Dong, through Ninh Thuan, to Phan Dung commune in Binh Thuan. You start off on a three-kilometer winding hill path to the edge of a lush green forest. The highest place of the path is at an altitude of approximately 1,100 meters above sea level. Between June and December is the best time to put on your backpack and hit the trail.

Ta Nang Phan Dung the most beautiful trekking route in Vietnam

Ta Nang Phan Dung the most beautiful trekking route in Vietnam

This is definitely not an easy path to conquer. During the travel included in a Vietnam local tour, your are not only required to have a good physical condition but also tough patience and courage. It is because the route of 55kms long to go across a forest, wade streams,…will frustrate you to completely finish. At the same time, you also need to equip yourself with essential survival skills during the time to conquer the Ta Nang trekking path. At least within 3 days in a forest with various types of insects and reptiles and lack of water, foods as well as the electromagnetic waves, you need to know how to protect yourself and have a good sense of teamwork. In fact, there are quite a lot of trekking groups that have been lost on this path, so you must prepare carefully before starting your trekking.

You can find the trekking path the most remarkable impressions that you can have during your life and can admire stunning unique beautiful photos, which cannot be taken from anywhere else, as well as the meaningful moments with friends in the years of youth. It is the moment when you walk in the very first beginning of the day, with the sunshine on the grass and a thin blanket of fog around the hillsides, which makes you feel like you are lost in a fantastic paradise. You would be surprised at the pure attraction of the colorful nature.

Camping on the hill with stunning view

Camping on the hill with stunning view

In the pristine space of the mountainous area, you are isolated from the normal bustle and hustle lifestyle during this ground tour in Vietnam. Sometimes, you just can’t help being overwhelmed by the majestic mountainous sceneries on a local tour in Vietnam, which have their own unique features to differentiate themselves from the Central Highlands.

On this trekking path, you should not skip the 3 most attractive hills to witness the charming twilight and dawns as well as the red basalt soil paths meandering around the hillside like silk ribbons.

You need to prepare raincoat to avoid raining in forest at anytime

You need to prepare raincoat to avoid raining in forest at anytime

No one can deny it is truly an ideal trekking path for any backpacker who loves to live with nature in Vietnam for a local tour and enjoy the peaceful sights around. Indeed, the time spent on exploring the pristine beauty of nature in the route of Ta Nang – Phan Dung will be really memorable during your whole life. To make something more meaningful and adventurous in your years of youth.

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