A Street of Japanese Cuisine in Saigon (Part 2)


Saigon is compared as a miniature world with multi-national culture. Beside the West Street Pham Ngu Lao, here exists a Japanese street with cuisine imbued with the country of cherry blossoms.

3. Pizza 4P’s


Pizza is processed in Japanese style- a distinct dish of Pizza 4P’s

If you are a pizza gourmet, the special shop is a should-remember address. Pizza here is varied in Japanese style with fresh materials that creating a distinct flavor from traditional pizza.

An airy and polite space with pale yellow color tone makes the shop more luxury and cozy.


4. Mochi Sweets


                          Enjoying mocha will bring you luckiness and prosperity

The shop Mochi Sweets is a restaurant specializing for Mochi cakes of Japanese, products here are made 100 % in Japan and imported to sell in Vietnam. Mochi is a kind of cake symbolizing for luckiness and prosperity; hence it is favored in Japan.

The shop owns two types of mocha: one is traditional type with 16 tastes and the other is mocha donuts with 6 tastes. Outside layer of cake is soft and plastic, the filling inside is gentle cool. It is a special combination that brings you a wonderful feeling when enjoying.


5. MOF Japan Sweets and Coffee

MOF attracts tourists thanks to friendly space. Matcha and related drink are very attractive, that is reason why Saigon youths usually come here. The shop’s material is imported from fresh green fields of Hokkaido in Japan; hence the dish quality is always put on top.

Desserts and other traditional cakes are also sold. However, price is an issue that dinners need to consider because the quality always comes together with the price. It is obvious to a Japanese restaurant in the heart of Saigon.


                                              Dessert cakes in MOF

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