Across Vietnam With Vietnam Classical Vespa Adventures

In the journey in Vietnam, foreign tourists will be surprised and interested in hustle flows of motorbike on streets. Taking part in tours vespa in Saigon, Hoi An, etc., tourists will merge into the busy flows along every lanes of Vietnam. Together with Saigon-online discover interesting roads during the tour of Vietnam Vespa Adventures.

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Companion with classical vespa on the unique journeys!

1. SAI GON (Ho Chi Minh City)

During the journey Saigon with the tour vespa, tourists can ride vespa around the city on early morning, afternoon and late afternoon. Tour vespa Saigon surely brings both domestic and foreign tourists wonderful and exciting experiences in order to uncover Saigon in your own way.

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A team of Vespa tour to visit Saigon

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Experience Saigon streets with classical Vespa.

Tourists will be merged into the totally crowded and hustle flows of vehicles in a big city of Vietnam and have chances to drop in on busy residential areas, fragrant flower market, ancient Buddhism pagodas and famous landscapes. Tourists will start and end the tour with delicious lunch at Zoom Café depending on the tour they choose.

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Going along Saigon center streets with unique Vespa.

In addition, you have the opportunity to behold the city by night and enjoy street food of Saigon when it goes dark. The night Vespa tour shall help tourists experience the life of Saigon by night. The night tour Saigon includes drink and food at special café stores or vibrant bars.

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Foreign tourists feel exciting with the Vespa tour Saigon.

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Tourists enjoy street seafood at stops of the tour.

If having time, together with Vietnam Vespa Adventures to touch the soul of Saigon at the age of 300.

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The Vietnam Vespa Adventures in Mekong Delta will take place in two days and one night, you will join a new journey. On this journey, tourists will ride on red land paths and overcome old bridges crossing the river.

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Vespa on red land path

Vietnam-Vespa-Adventures-saigon-online (8)

Vespa overcomes bridges in Mekong Delta region

At the same time, tourists sailing on sampans and behold endless rice fields. Tourists will be guided to visit simple craft facilities, seafood processing establishment and wine producing areas.

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Tourists enjoy seafood specialties.

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Cooking class for foreign tourists.

Tourists have chances to enjoy typical cuisine of Mekong Delta region. At the same time, they also take part in funny cooking class during the Vespa tour.

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Tourists find interesting in visiting Mekong Delta together with the Vespa tour.

This is a wonderful chance to experience a real life of Mekong Delta! Plan your journey and prepare to discover Mekong Delta with vespa vehicles.

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For the journey to the beach city Phan Thiet, the Vespa tour will be started at the coast Vung Tau. Tourists will travel Ho Coc beach, Long Hai hill, then to Ho Tram and pristine beach Ke Ga cape- Da Chim cape.

Vietnam-Vespa-Adventures-saigon-online (12)

The impressive golden sand of Phan Thiet city.

Vietnam-Vespa-Adventures-saigon-online (13)

Vespa- the main mean of transport during the Vespa tour.

In the morning, tourists will totally experience Mui Ne- Phan Thiet, fishing village, golden sand along beach coasts and merge into the cool and pure water here.

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Classical vespa- in the tour Mui Ne

The tour Mui Ne lasts 4 days and 3 nights. Moreover, if tourists want a longer journey, they can continue with the tour Da Lat, Nha Trang in 7 days- 6 nights with Vietnam Vespa Adventures.


Visiting Hoi An ancient town, tourists will experience the tour vespa Hoi An on peaceful streets which are much different with big cities.

Vietnam-Vespa-Adventures-saigon-online (15)

Riding vespa through countryside areas of Quang Nam

Vietnam-Vespa-Adventures-saigon-online (16)

Dangerous paths on the journey to Mui Ne

During the trip on the ancient town, tourists will ride vespa along Thu Bon river, through countryside areas with endless rice fields, farms, fish markets, traditional craft village and peaceful regions.

Vietnam-Vespa-Adventures-saigon-online (17)

Shimmering Hoi An by night

Vietnam-Vespa-Adventures-saigon-online (18)

Vespa comes back Mekong Delta

Tourists will stop to relax and enjoy simple lunch with fresh vegetables and fruits such as corn, cucumber, sweet potatoes and other vegetables.

Vietnam-Vespa-Adventures-saigon-online (19)

Travelling Hoi An by classical vespa

The lively Hoi An trip will bring tourists unforgettable and wonderful feelings. It is also a unique way to discover the ancient town by classical vespas.

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Are you ready to join the vespa tour?

Vietnam Vespa Adventures will continue the vespa project on other provinces of Vietnam which helps tourists discover and travel Vietnam with the typical and lively transport on road.

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