All About Saigon Travelling Experiences

To help travellers know all necessary information about Saigon, today, Saigon-online shares from A to Z experiences of travelling SaigonAll About Saigon Travelling Experiences.

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There is a lot of information about Saigon tourism.

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Saigon-online will guide you a dynamic trip in Saigon.

Saigon-online realizes travellers’ worries before planning a journey to Saigon. Therefore, to reduce your worries, Saigon-online will gather all information about Saigon tourism in most general way.

Let’s see below answers for important questions about Saigon Travel and take note for your Saigon tour.

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Take necessary information into account to have a memorial trip.


When searching about a region, you usually concern its culture. Therefore, Saigon-online will answer this question first.

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Saigon is a city with a variety of cross culture.

Despite a long history with the cultural relics – region of hundreds of years, Saigon has been still the youngest and most dynamic city of Vietnam for three hundred years. Right from the establishment phase, population of Saigon included many different ethnics such as Kinh, Chinese, Cham, etc. And then, this young city is an intersection of American and European culture; hence, Saigon is a multi-cultural city.

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Despite a long history, Saigon is still a young and multi-cultural city.

Travelling Saigon, you will have a chance to understand multi-culture of ethnic living in the city like Chinese people in district 5, Cham people, etc. Through your city tour, you will understand more about the street culture, entertainment culture in this busy city.

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Visiting Saigon, you will know more about ethnics and special festivals.


To get Saigon, you can travel by, train, motorbike, train, car, etc. This is not important issue, the important one is to select your suitable transport.

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You can get Saigon in any mean of transport.

If you are far away from Saigon, you should travel by airplane for time saving and convenience. Let’s plan to travel Saigon in advance, then hunt for cheap air fares, you will save your budget. Now many website update promotion programs of air tickets, you can visit Vietnamairlines247 to hunt cheap air fares to Saigon. If you travel by train, it will be a great choice for you in case you have much time. With two stations: East and West, from any provinces in all parts of the country, you are able to get Saigon by car.

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Stations in Saigon are convenient to many bus routed from other provinces.

When getting Saigon, you are able to get on public bus or hire motorbike to go every streets of Saigon. With bus, you can visit website to find routes as your schedule. With motorbike, contact with your hotel to hire for best price.

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Travelling Saigon by bus is quite interesting.


There are a lot of hostels and hotels in Saigon at different price for your choice. And almost streets in Saigon have hotels and hostel; hence you do need to worry much about it.

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Saigon has many hotels for your choice.

For business trips, you can choose Park Hyatt Saigon, Reverie Saigon hotel,


What do you want to taste when travelling Saigon? Due to the variety of culture; cuisine in Saigon is also very diverse. This is a place you do not need to go far to enjoy dishes. If you want to enjoy rice cake with forest leaves in Tay Ninh, you can go to Hoang Ty rice cake store on Cao Thang street, Phan Dang Luu street, etc. If you want to enjoy central dishes, you can visit a chain of Hue dish restaurants. For Mekong Delta dishes, you should taste sizzling cake Muoi Xiem, etc.

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Saigon cuisine is very various and unique.

However, there is a must- try dish when tourists visit Saigon is banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich). The dish is considered as a typical dish in Saigon. In addition, Saigon noshes are not less delicious than any other part of Vietnam.

In recent years, Vietnamese bread has become a well-known and favorite street food in many countries. Like Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup), people call Vietnamese bread “banh mi”, the name full of admiration, rather than Vietnamese baguette or Vietnamese sandwich. This really is a mark which makes foreigners remember in its own name in their mind every time they want to eat bread in Vietnamese style. With the three basics: good-tonic-cheap, the tiny Vietnamese banh mi was able to be compared with the world sandwiches such as tacos (Mexico), sandwiches (UK) or Baguettes (France). (Source from

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Banh mi is a simple dish but very attractive.

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Noshes are also a kind of special culture on Saigon street.

Shopping is just like eating, it is very diverse in Saigon. Especially, tourism gifts in Saigon are countless. You can visit Ben Thanh market or night market at Ben Thanh to buy meaningful gifts for your friends. Saigon-online also suggested places to buy gifts at previous article: Notebook Buying Gifts When Travelling Saigon.

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Night market is an ideal place for shopping.


To Saigon people, tourist attractions are not special just familiar; but to tourists, destinations are very interesting. Saigon-online will list tourist attractions from the city center to suburban. If you have less time, choose a Saigon city tour.

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Depending on your time, you can choose a suitable tour.

First of all, destinations in the city center include Bach Dang wharf, Ho Chi Minh museum, Ton Duc Thang museum, Ben Thanh market, The City Opera House, The City’s Committee, Saigon Post office, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Nguyen Hue walking street.

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Notre Dame Cathedral and the city Post Office

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Ben Thanh Market

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The city center

Next is Tao Dan park, Turtle Lake, Le Van Tam park, Hoang Van Thu park, Thao Cam Vien, etc. Shopping streets are Dong Khoi, Tran Hung Dao, Ham Nghi. And then Van Thanh tourism zone, Tan Cang, Binh Quoi, Phu My Hung, Starlight Bridge, Half-Moon lake or Lotus Pond, Fairy Stream are tourism areas and impressive destinations.

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Suburban tourism areas give tourists a peaceful nature.

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Interesting games

To visit all destinations that Saigon-online listed above during a Saigon trip, you will spend three days. Therefore, plan a specific schedule to not miss out any tourist attraction.

6. NOTE?

You can plan your Saigon trip in at time in a year. Saigon has two seasons: hot and rainy, sometimes it is gentle and sometimes it is difficult to understand. Sunshine in Saigon maybe intensive but summer wind will reduce heat much. Saigon rain is very heavy but quickly stop.

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Saigon sunshine in a corner of a street

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Heavy rains

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Rains easy come and easy go. It brings some flavors to Saigon.

Another note when travelling Saigon, a crowded and bustling city, you should take care your properties. Make sure precious properties like wallet, mobile phone, camera, etc. are kept safe. And despite good service, reasonable price or discrimination, tourists should bargain when purchasing in markets.

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Be care with your properties in the crowded for a perfect trip.

A final note and an end for this article is travelling Saigon may make you a little bit worry due to some unluckiness that happened to tourists. But do not let it stop your journey. Should read above information and take note in a Saigon travelling handbook. Especially, you do not forget that Saigon-online is your companion during your tour. Contact Saigon-online for detail guides and advisors.

Wish you a wonderful Saigon journey!

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