An Ideal Rendezvous On The Centennial Bridge Of Saigon

Watching the sunset on Bach Dang Wharf, taking photos or simply chatting with friends between the open spaces on Mong Bridge will be a pleasant experience when travelling in SaigonAn Ideal Rendezvous On The Centennial Bridge Of Saigon.

The solid bridge is located in the city center, crossing the channel Tau Hu – Ben Nghe, connecting District 1 and District 4. Built in the late 19th century, Mong Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in Saigon.

An Ideal Rendezvous On The Centennial Bridge Of Saigon (2)

Mong Bridge is called “green bridge” by many young people.

Mong Bridge marked the time of many beautiful memories in the hearts of people who live and love the city. Standing on the bridge, you can get a corner Saigon which is innovating with the skyscraper towers. You can also zoom out the immense space on Bach Dang Wharf.

When Saigon turning light is when the air around the bridge bustles up. Coming here on the weekend, visitors will be immersed in the bustling space with funny conversations or the sound of guitar or the call of street vendors, etc. You can also sit beneath along Tau Hu canal to feel the bridge from a different perspective.

The bridge is not only a dating place for a loving couple, but also a gathering place of close friends to chat and share their emotions. You will forget everyday worries when taking a stroll on the bridge in a windy afternoon. Mong Bridge is also a familiar address of many photographers and brides and grooms.

An Ideal Rendezvous On The Centennial Bridge Of Saigon (1)

From Mong Bridge, visitors can walk to visit Nha Rong Wharf, or 3rd highest building of Vietnam Bitexco with eatery places, entertainment, shopping centers.

On any afternoon, standing on the bridge you will see the whole channel Tau Hu which is pouring to the Saigon River estuary under the glittering golden light. This is also an appropriate time to walk or watch the city in the sunset.

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