Attractive Destination for Ecotourism at Can Gio Mangrove Forest



Recently, most tourists at home and abroad coming to Ho Chi Minh city find ecological destination Can Gio. Because beside mangrove forest natural resources and diverse flora system that is recognized by UNESCO in 2000 as a biosphere reserve in the world, it also has historical and cultural resources and long time traditional craft villages.

To be unique sea district in Ho Chi Minh city, Can Gio has area of 714 square kilometers, in which half one is the area of mangrove forest. After 30 years of recovering and developing, the area of natural forest rises up 12, 000 hectares along with 20,000 hectares of  planted forest and it becomes “green lung” of the city contributing to climate controlling and protection as well as opening great prospects for eco-tourism.

Fauna of Can Gio mangrove forest is scientifically evaluated on high values in terms of biodiversity conservation, with over 200 species, including 11 species of reptiles listed in Vietnam’s Red Book. 125 species of aquatic algae, 55 species of zooplankton, 55 species of zooplankton at the sea bottom, 18 shrimp species, 69 species of fish; terrestrial animals, 24 species of amphibians, 10 species of mammals and 22 species of birds.


Can Gio has a characteristic coastline of 20km called sediment sea on area of 22.000ha. Water from sea flowing into  river systems mainly through  gulf Ganh Rai and gulf Dong Tranh, the sea here turns into an island full of green, separated from the noise of the city centre, very suitable for ecotourism and resort.

Therefore, the idea that turns Can Gio district into a sea-forest ecological urban area is concretized by the project “polder works combined urban area and sea tourism Can Gio.” Accordingly, the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City quickly deploys key projects here, which has an polder area of ​​600 ha, including tourism products such as aquarium, tours in Sac jungle, fishery exploitation and build a tunnel under the sea for visiting and know more about tropical marine life. The city also encourages enterprises to invest into clean energy sources, minimize industrial production to ensure mangrove ecological environment.

Thus, the growth rate of the tourism industry in Can Gio  increase by 24% / year. Types of commercial business and dining services increase from 14-46%. Cruise brands April 30 and Can Gio Ecotourism is promoted as widely as possible. Only 3 years recently, Can Gio has attracted 1,200,000 visitors to visit, leisure, scientific research, organizing conferences, including foreign tourists mainly from Japan, South Korea, U.S., Germany, Taiwan, etc. accounting for about 10%; the average passenger growth rate reach 17.8%.

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