Awake Coffee in Saigon

This is an ideal place for those who expect to chat overnight or find a peaceful corner to behold Saigon by night.

Awake Coffee


The price for drinks here is about VND 22,000- 45,000, it is reasonable for young people.

Awake Coffee is one of the first “awake” café shops in Saigon. The shopkeeper aims to architectural students who need a private space to prepare projects, for teens who stay late or the creative who need a small corner to make their ideas come true.

This is a system of four restaurants on center streets of district 1 such as Pasteur, Ly Tu Trong, Huynh Thuc Khang. Each attracts certain customers.

If Awake Pasteur aims to a number of office staffs at night and foreign tourists, Awake Huynh Thuc Khang aims to artists in Saigon and Awake Ly Tu Trong is preferred by young people.

The attractions of shops lie on the unique arrangement with walls hanging paintings or nice pictures. Simple wooden chairs together with gentle melody make the life by night more romantic.

If sitting outside, diners have chances to behold bright streets, flows of people in early morning, the tranquility of Saigon by night. Coming to Awake Coffee, you will find easy to select a small and peaceful corner to sip a cup of coffee or cool cocktail.

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