Banh Cong at Vuon Chuoi street

banh cong

No one knows exactly who named this kind of cake but simply when seeing how to take the cake out of its mould, you will find the answer. Cakes are poured into moulds which looks a little aluminum cup, tied to the handle for conveniently pouring flour into.

banh cong 2

The name “banh cong” makes people feel cold, but when you enjoy, it seems to be opposite because of very hot and crispy cakes. Banh cong brings kind of the familiar feature of Vietnamese dishes such as Banh Xeo, Banh Khot, Banh Cuon.

Banh Cong is comprised of mung beans, shredded taro root and shrimps with their heads, tails and skin intact. Each ingredient is layered in the deep, metal ladle and dipped in a saffron and scallion batter before meeting the scalding hot oil.

At first glance, you may feel oiliness when seeing the process of frying cake. But it is not because it is served with a heaping pile of fresh greens and herbs. Steps for making Banh Cong as following: pour rice flour into moulds with proportion about one third, After just a few quick minutes in the intense heat, the banh cong are freed from their moulds to develop a crispy exterior solo.

What the most special about Banh Cong are the layers of taro and mung beans that comprise the cake’s base. These two ingredients brown beautifully and create a substantial and dense cake.

Address: Vuon Chuoi Street (toward Dien Bien Phu Street) District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

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