Banh Dap (Break Cake) in Sai Gon


banh dap

Although the break cake eatery of Miss Sau near Ba Hoa market (Tan Binh districrt) is small, it is so attractive that gourmets try to find for your satisfaction.

banh dap 2

For customers who love dishes from Quang Nam, this area is a ideal place for them because of crowd of shops with various specialty of Quang Nam. They also like the little shop of Ba Sau who now is 60 years old has opened this shop for 6 years. Only 3 tables are simply arranged. Here find Quang Nam customers something familiar with their hometown including Quang Nam accent of miss Sau, the soul of dishes that still remain Quang Nam food’s flavor despite of being sold in Sai Gon.

A customer shared that she has enjoyed break cakes and fern-shaped cakes in different shops but her final destination is miss Sau shop to enjoy the beloved snack. The difference lies in how to mix the fish sauce made ​​from anchovy sauce.s

In truth, toasted rice cakes and fresh rice cakes can be easily bought in Ba Hoa market but miss Sau will not simply alternate layers of toasted rice cake and fresh rice sheets as other shops, she cover them by layers of fried onion with roasted peanut, make the cake both greasy and fragrant.

The dipping sauce is called anchovy sauce mixed with minced garlic and peppers, sugar and fried onion. The harmony of this sauce is so tasty that you can find elsewhere.

You basically bash it to eat, hence the name and you dip it into the anchovy sauce together with minced pineapple and fried onions. Because of its very strong taste, who does not like it will never love, and who love eating it at first time will be addicted.


Address: 2B Ca Van Thinh street, ward 11, Tan Binh district, HCM city

Open time: 7a.m -8p.m

Price: 8,000 VND/ cake

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