Barbecue Garden Restaurant- Barbecue Cuisine in the heart of Saigon

Barbecue Garden restaurant, as its name, is a place where diners are able to find special barbecue dishes and other ones. Travelling Saigon and visiting Barbecue Garden, you will have chance to experience a real Barbecue cuisine style in the center of Saigon.

Barbecue Garden restaurant is a recommended place where diners can find special barbecue dishes and other ones.

Travelling Saigon, enjoying the world cuisine through barbecue dishes at Barbecue Garden

Barbecue Garden restaurant serves more than 100 barbecue dishes from pork meat, beef, chicken, forest pig, coat, rabbit, donkey, fish, shrimp, squid and crab. Such these dishes are harmonically combined between Asian and Europe styles that give diners an appetite and interesting experience.

Barbecue Garden restaurant’s menu includes: Grilled beef rolled with cheese, grilled Australian Lamb, Barbecue Pork Ribs with sauce, etc. and many other intriguing dishes. Coming to the Barbecue Garden restaurant, diners can discover for themselves the world of unique barbecue dishes.

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Grilled beef rolled with cheese

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Shrimp salad


Grilled Australian lamb ribs

Unlike other Barbecue restaurants, Barbecue Garden always puts health issues first. The restaurant does not use animal fats or seasoning powder, only use the freshest ingredients.


Grilled eggplant in Vietnamese style


Fresh dishes in the restaurant costs from VND 29,000, an average price for a diner is about VND 230,000/ meal.

In addition, Barbecue Garden restaurant has a variety of drinks made of fresh fruits and kinds of wine and beer.


Ice tea costs VND 30,000

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