Bat Buu Phat Dai Pagoda – Lonely Buddha Statue

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The Bat Buu Phat Dai Pagoda is known as Lonely Buddha Statue, 30 km from the south west of Ho Chi Minh city center, Duc Hoa direction, about 1 km from provincial road 10. The temple was built in a large area of 10 ha and surrounded by eucalypt forests, spacious pineapple field and a channel flowed through by Vam Co Tay river. They all create a quiet and fresh viewing and suit meditation landscape.

bat bua tuong dai

In 1955, Thanh Tam temple was built. In front of the temple, Bat Buu Buddha statue was built in 1959, completed in 1961. Buddha statue was designed on octagonal architecture, 3m high. Buddha Sakyamuni 7m high, weighs about 4 tons carved by Nguyen Thanh Thu sculptor in 1957 and Ngo Chi Binh layman appealed from Xa Loi Pagoda.

Over the years of war and bomb destruction even Thanh Tam temple but the Buddha statue still stands highly and majestically in wilderness, so the locals have called this relic  “Lonely Buddha Statue”.

In 1988, Ho Chi Minh City Buddhist Church has assigned Thich Thien Bon as an abbot in order to restore the temple step by step. Today, Bat Buu Buddha Statue has been nicely built. The solemn three-door temple gate is in harmony with the campus, Buddha statues, and Bodhisattva statues, dragon, Dharmapala, etc. all are also located in the main hall of the temple as in others.

Unique architecture, harmonious decoration and restful landscape attract crowd of tourists, and Buddhist fellows. The statue of Sakyamuni still remains after bomb destruction reinforces the Buddhist belief. Currently, Bat Buu Buddha statue became a tour destination of tourists and pilgrims at home and abroad

Address: Le Minh Xuan commune, Binh Chanh district, Ho Chi Minh.

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