Beautiful Black And White Photos of Ho Chi Minh City

Photographer Nguyen Thanh Tung expressed his feelings for Ho Chi Minh City, where he lived for over 20 years with 40 black and white photos printed on silk.

Black-And-White-saigon  (1)

The photo taken on Khanh Hoi street, District 4 dated 07/14/2012 shown hard workers in the city still struggling with the burden of living.

Black-And-White-saigon  (2)

Photo was taken at the Democratic work dated 04/07/2008. As a large and important city of the country, Saigon is a populated area, with extremely vibrant lifestyle.

Black-And-White-saigon  (3)

Photo was taken at the Nhieu Loc canal, District 1 dated 04/21/2005. Images of trees and anchored ships showed the rapid revival of this canal.

Black-And-White-saigon  (4)

Thu Thiem Tunnel, the start of the boom in infrastructure for Ho Chi Minh City, connecting the two banks of the Saigon River, the bridge for the development of a new administrative center of the city of coming years.

Black-And-White-saigon  (5)

Mong bridge is a bridge across the Ben Nghe canal, connecting the District 1 and District 4, Ho Chi Minh City. It is considered as one of the oldest bridges in the city. The bridge was built in 1893-1894.

Black-And-White-saigon  (6)

Previously, the transportation between the two banks of the Saigon River was run with ferries only. Thu Thiem Ferry was taken on 10.19.2004 before it was replaced by modern Thu Thiem tunnel.

Black-And-White-saigon  (7)

Black-And-White-saigon  (8)

The apartment is one of the concentrations of Saigon people.

Black-And-White-saigon  (9)

The photo was taken on 12/ 07/2012 when drivers were driving around near Ben Thanh market to find tourists. Ben Thanh Market and cyclos are representations of Saigon. Previously, Saigon people used to use cyclo as a mean of transportation. In recent years, cyclo has been primarily used for tourists.

Black-And-White-saigon  (10)

The photo was taken on 12/19/2007. Saigon is home of people from all regions of the country to live and work. Thus, the problem of urban traffic is extremely complex. The photo of traffic jam becomes familiar as the life rhythm of this city.

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