Ben Duoc Memorial Temple


The Ben Duoc Memorial Temple is a cultural history project of the Communist Party Committee and people of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It was built to memorialize the significant contributions of the soldiers and people who were killed in the Saigon-Gia Định region during the anti-American and anti-French fighting.

The temple was started to construct on May 19,1993 on occasion of 103rd birthday celebration of President Ho Chi Minh – the beloved leader of  Vietnamese people, on a wide area of 7 hectares and located in the historic relic complex of Cu Chi Tunnels. On December19, 1995, the temple was inaugurated Phase and welcomed tourists at home and abroad who come to remember, burn incense and meditate. The Ben Duoc Memorial Temple includes the following items: three-door temple gate, the inscription house, the main temple, the tower, flower garden, basement.

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Three-door temple gate has the architecture of the traditional style of the country with a line of round pillars, with the yin and yang tile. The gate has the curved designs and patterns of a village entrance but made with new materials. In the middle of three-door temple gate is the signboard “Ben Duoc Memorial Temple” and on the body of the pillars are the parallel sentences of the poet Bao Dinh Giang.

The inscription house is a square house with two roof tiles, a stone tablet in the middle was shaped and carved by artisans with unique patterns of the nation.

The 39-meter high tower has 9 floors. The walls were decorated with flower patterns and motifs showing the life and the fighting of Cu Chi people. On the highest floor of the tower, we can see part of the revolution base from which some places have entered into the history of the Iron Triangle region.

The City Party Committee, Ho Chi Minh City Fatherland Front agree to choose the date December 19 is the annual Memorial Day festival to gratitude to the heroic martyrs.

Location: Phu My Hung commune, Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh city.

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