Ben Thanh market – The Best Attraction In Saigon

Each city in Vietnam has its own beauty that makes you fall in love. Hanoi capital as many attractive cultural and historic sites. Da Nang city is well-known for a lot of splendid beaches. As for Sai Gon, it is famous for not only quintessential architectural buildings but also diversified dishes. Ben Thanh market is combined by the best quintessence of Sai Gon. It is one of the places that attracts a lot of domestic and international tourists. So don’t miss Ben Thanh market when you have an opportunity to Sai Gon.

Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City

Why Ben Thanh Market so special?

While Hoan Kiem lake with Turtle Tower is the symbol of Ha Noi. Truong Tien is the most typical and a symbol of the romantic of Hue city. Especially, Ben Thanh is an irreplaceable symbol of Sai Gon. Ben Thanh market is combined by the best quintessence of Sai Gon. It is a historical monument. Ben Thanh Market has existed for a long time even before the French arrived in Sai Gon. It is absolutely a must-see attraction of the most dynamic city of Vietnam. Ben Thanh Market is a great place to discover Sai Gon. I guarantee that you will have unforgettable moments with us at Ben Thanh market.


History Of Ben Thanh Market- The Best Attraction In Sai Gon

As one of the earliest surviving structures in Saigon, Ben Thanh Market is one of the outstanding symbols of present-day Ho Chi Minh City. Especially, the market developed from a group of makeshift markets formed by early 17th-century street vendors. Besides, Ben Thanh was formally established after the French took over the Gia Dinh Citadel in 1859. It got its name Ben Thanh because at the beginning the market was located near a wharf (ben) of the Gia Dinh Citadel (thanh).


In 1870, a fire destroyed the market. The French rebuilt a new market with metal frames that became the largest market in Saigon. In 1912, the mayor of Saigon ordered the construction of a new market for the city in a marshy land. The new market was inaugurated in March 1914. While many aspects of the market were changed in the renovation. The famous clock tower on the main entrance was left unchanged.

Exploring Ben Thanh Market – What can we find out here?

Food and Drink

Ben Thanh is one of the most famous heavens of Vietnamese food and drink. Therefore, you can taste various kinds of local dishes. The late afternoon shopkeepers will set up food stalls around the sides of the market. Shopkeepers will serve many traditional food specialties of Vietnam at a reasonable price. One of the best things about eating at Ben Thanh is that you can watch the chefs cooking in front of you. So it allows you to enjoy the food with all your senses. With warming bowls of noodles that will satisfy all visitors. Besides, visitors can order delicious fresh grilled seafood. Many visitors often stop in the barbeque area. Most of them find it interesting to try beef grilled in a tile over a small coal cooker. And they can inhale the fragrance of sizzling grilled meat.


Other kinds of goods

Ben Thanh Market is not only offering a lot of delicious dishes but also an ideal place for tourists to looking for small pretty items to mark their holiday to Vietnam. In addition, Ben Thanh Market offers visitors all they need such as clothes, footwear, jewelry,  crafts, flowers, spices, food and so on. At Ben Thanh market will sell everything that Saigonese need for their daily. You can see how people make transactions. Furthermore, you can learn much about the local life and get useful experience for shopping Vietnam also. For the ones who are keen on shopping, here is exactly the place you are looking for.


If the day is too hot to go shopping, the evening is an ideal time to meet and gather outside to enjoy the meal or drink under the stars. Many shopkeepers set up their tents on both sides of Ben Thanh Market when the city lights up at the night. They are preparing for business at night. At 6:00 pm, they close the two streets at the West and the East gates of Ben Thanh Market to make way for the night vendors. Hence, you can buy a lot of small gifts for your friends and your family at home or something to remind you about the trip to Sai Gon.

Discovering Ben Thanh – the most popular Sai Gon’s market is definitely the unforgettable things to do in Sai Gon. Moreover, it is the beautiful image of Ben Thanh Market in the heart of local people and visitors around the world. I Love Asia Tour in Saigon is the best choice for you when coming to Sai Gon. You can enjoy more amazing things in Saigon Street Food Tour or Saigon Historical Tour.

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