Binh Tay Market- One of Oldest and Most Famous Markets in Saigon

Apart from unique architecture as Notre Dame Cathedral or Independence Palace, Saigon owns old markets which are considered symbols of the city.

In addition to values of history and architecture, Binh Tay market is a busy purchasing place of Saigon and attracts a lot of tourists come to visit and purchase.

Binh Tay market

The market located in the west of the city is a destination marked in the tourism map for tourists. Having come into operation since 1930, the market was built with Southeast Asia style. Corners of roof are curved like oriental-style temples, ancient yin and yang roofs are described airy and cool. A special feature of the market is a large outdoor courtyard in the middle creating cool spaces and harmonically using natural light.

Apart from special thing in architecture, Binh Tay market is also one of busiest markets in Saigon with a variety of goods. The market attracts most professional purchasers because most goods here for wholesale and carried to provinces of the Southwest region. If you plan to buy domestic electronic appliances, Binh Tay market is a suggested place, because shopkeepers are always friendly and reasonable prices.

Binh Tay market

Binh Tay market, a destination for tourists who want to buy a nice watch or domestic appliances

Address: Thap Muoi street, ward 2, district 6

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