Breakfast: How Do Saigon People Start a New Day?

Recently, scientists have informed that breakfast is the meal for yourself, it is so necessary that it can not be missed. But Saigon people knew this importance long time ago. With “live” bible Mahabharata of country, to Saigon people, the breakfast has open space and various tones of time.


khong gian

Saigon people always find themselves private space for their breakfast.

Surely that many people remember the breakfast space in a shop on board at Cho Lon- a crowded space but most of all are familiar customers. Or in a vendor of noodle on sidewalks, two or three people use a table, just have breakfast, just talk about last night soccer or news- every story.

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Nowadays, there are some shops restoring quiet space in gardens and dinners can enjoy the breakfast and enjoy green space, listen old and updated news and hear songs of birds in early morning.

Or take a seat and slurp a bowl of porridge as Northern style near Hoa Hung station, and it seems not enough, they call more a bowl of raw blood soup, sip a cup of cheap wine and then rush back to work as usual.

Some climb to the terrace of Saigon Trading Center to enjoy the breakfast and watch Saigon streets from high.


The time for breakfast in Saigon is from early morning to 9 am, after 9 am, the diversity of space and dishes reduce much.

Depending on work condition, everyone has a certain time for their breakfast. You maybe catch contrast scenes here. At 7:30 am, some drive motorbike quickly to meet the working time, just drive just eat hamburgers; some have much time to play sport and come back home. It seems their breakfast time can not be at the same time.

khong gian 3

Hamburgers- very popular and quick food- for a breakfast less in quality, sufficient in quantity

From 4 am, people see vendors selling douhua (like tofu pudding) in all places where crowd of people exercise in the mornings. A lot of people finish their exercise, sit on plastic tools, quickly eat one or two bowls of fragrant douhua with sugar and ginger syrup, then come back home, have bath and go to office.

While the breakfast of small businessmen is quite same: a man selling noodle soup will deliver his product to familiar customers and wait in mid morning to collect bowls, chopsticks, and spoons and get charges.

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