Brilliant New Year Flower Market in Little Saigon

The Tet flower market of the Vietnamese community in Little Saigon, the US, has been opening with spring flowers, parallel sentences, and bright red envelopes.

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As usual, on the occasion of Tet holiday, the Vietnamese community in Little Saigon, Orange County, Southern California, organizes Tet flower market outside Phuoc Loc Tho mall. The Flower Festival was opened with the lion dance.

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Lunar New Year Flower Market lasts from January 30 to February 18 with lots of stalls selling all kinds of bonsai and decorations.

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These pots of yellow apricot flowers are painstakingly planted and shaped by artisans.

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Numerous species of orchids are for customers’ choices. A pot of Australian orchid, with 50 branches, the price is at around $ 2,000.

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Fresh flowers bring hope for a happy New Year and good luck to every family.

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Flower Market attracts many overseas Vietnamese to shopping, sightseeing and photography. In the picture, a Vietnamese woman shows two posts of orchid just bought for $ 18 USD each.

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Pots of kumquat in a corner of the market cost about 120 USD each.

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The branches of peach blossoms are most preferred by customers. It costs about $ 20 per bunches of 4 or 5 branches and about 125 USD for a peach tree growing in pot.

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Some organizations also sell flowers for charity.

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The corner is used for parallel sentences, red envelopes and indoor decorations.

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Indigenous people are excited about the Vietnamese flower market too.

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In addition the spring flower market, the Vietnamese community in Little Saigon will organize many other programs to welcome the Lunar New Year as musical performances, ao dai or competition of making Chung cake or Tet cake.

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