Café Shop As Beautiful As Fairy Tale in Saigon

Visiting the cafe in an alley Pham Ngoc Thach, you will feel like as a character of fairy tale ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Open the door and you will be lost in a fantasy world of Miss Alice. The most interesting highlight is a giant rose tree beside the black piano. If you know to play, you can walk up to play some songs. Despite a small area, every seat is very comfortable for couples or groups.

Each table is named after characters in the fairy tale Alice in Wonderland. In addition, there are many other activities such as Tarot, handmade teaching in certain days in week.


The entrance is designed much like houses of fairy tales.

Alice-in-wonderland (1)

The café space is decorated as in fairy tale.

Alice-in-wonderland (2)

Colorful seats and decorative antiques for fairy tale space of Alice.

Alice-in-wonderland (3)

Cute corner for the group of people

Alice-in-wonderland (4)

The dessert is called green tea angel that makes many people curious.

Alice-in-wonderland (5)

It is interesting to sit with friends in the melodious music and enjoy a cup of hot tea.

Alice-in-wonderland (6)

Golden Moon Alice is a fried rice dish with mushrooms.

Alice-in-wonderland (7)

Princess mango juice

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