Catholic Communities are Bustling for Coming Christmas

stone-cave-christmasStone cave with Baby Jesus on occasion of Noel

In mid December, many streets around Catholic communities in Ho Chi Minh City are bustling with colorful ribbon, stone caves and preparation of Baby Jesus on occasion of Noel.

About at 6 pm, walking around Le Van Sy Street, Ward 12, District 3, Ho Chi Minh city, pedestrian will witness many sparkling alleys with lights of fish-bone shaped lamps on the top walkers. There are a bunch of houses here. Sometimes, you see round lanterns with lovely stars inside. The bustle of the Christmas season is coming around the Catholic communities.

catholic-communities-christmasthe street is decorated with flags, lanterns, and colorful lamps

Sharing fun on Christmas season, alleys of Dan Tri, Hung Hoa, Nghia Hoa, etc. in ward 6, Tan Binh district are decorated with flags, lanterns, and colorful lamps. In larger alleys, locals build stone caves.

While district 3, district 11 and Tan Binh district are lack of area; hence they prefer preparing lanterns along small alleys, district 8 takes advantage of larger area to build stone caves leading to the Catholic communities.

Along Pham The Hien road, district 8, the road is considered a route of stone caves on occasion of Noel at Ho Chi Minh city, all kinds of lights, stars and lanterns ware hung up. Parishioners spend much time to decorate stone caves and Christmas trees.

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