Celebrity Chef Bobby Chinn: What is Best Vietnamese Food?

Huffingtonpost.com gives advice of celebrity chef Bobby Chinn on the best way to experience Vietnam cuisine. Celebrity Chef Bobby Chinn: What is Best Vietnamese Food?

TV chef, cookbook author and restaurateur Bobby Chinn gives us his expert tips on how to experience the best of Vietnamese cuisine.

Celebrity chef Bobby Chinn is renowned worldwide for his expertise in Vietnamese cuisine as the host of Discovery TV shows World Cafe: Asia and Bobby Chinn Cooks Asia, as the author of Vietnamese cookbook Wild, Wild East and having opened the acclaimed restaurants Bobby Chinn Saigon, Restaurant Bobby Chinn in Hanoi and The House of Ho in London.

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Bobby Chinn

 “Vietnam has a modern cuisine that was perfected a thousand years ago. The food has been influenced by geography, economics and politics. Due to its turbulent history while fighting for independence, the cuisine hasn’t been documented like many others have.”

With such a great knowledge of this nation’s culinary scene, Bobby Chinn gives tips on what to try while travelling Vietnam.

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Regional Eats

“You can split the country between the cuisine of the south (the warmer weather resulting in more fruit and vegetables, with greater use of herbs, garlic and coconut milk), the imperial cuisine of Hue and the central coast (an abundance of spices and the use of chilli peppers means the food is much hotter, with smaller and more complex dishes due to the royal influence), and the cuisine of northern Vietnam and the highlands (dishes have less spice but typically encompass freshwater seafood and fish sauce

“I’ve spent most of my time in the north, and although most foreigners I meet prefer the southern style, I prefer the sophistication and flavor subtly of the north — something that’s much harder to achieve than the powerful bold flavors of the south. Across Vietnam, fish sauce is the quintessential ingredient in every household, and the use of fresh herbs.”

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Street Food

“In Ho Chi Minh, I consider a trip incomplete without eating banh xeo (a pancake filled with pork, shrimp and bean sprouts, translating to ‘sizzling cake’) , chè in the market [a sweet dessert soup, typically consisting of beans, tapioca, fruit and coconut milk] and tamarind crab on the river.”

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“In Hanoi, cha ca (pan fried fish with turmeric and dill, served over noodles) made the list of one of the 100 things you need to do before you die, but I would add the grilled quails in the Old Quarter, and banh cuon (rice flour pancakes filled with minced pork and mushrooms, served with a dipping sauce) from Miss An, a third generation master who has been making it every day for more than 30 years.”

“In Vietnam you eat where the people eat, on the street. It’s a street culture and there are many ways to enjoy it. Either the one dish wonders or a food stall serving a selection of dishes to choose from that are all served over rice.”

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The Artisans

“One of the beauties of visiting Vietnam is the artisan food makers. Often, you can visit vendors who are making one dish that has been passed down from generation to generation, like the banh cuon master in Hanoi.”

The Drink

“Vietnam has a tea and coffee society that was brought about by both the Chinese and French influence during their periods of occupation. But, the local drink is not limited to just this: micro-breweries, rice wine spirits, and shakes and juices from fresh fruit; One of my favorites is the avocado shake when it’s in season.”

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Culinary Evolution

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“Vietnamese cuisine is in constant evolution as the cooks are introduced to new ingredients. Many talented young chefs are becoming more daring with new takes on classic dishes. Today, one of the most popular sandwiches is the Vietnamese take on a French baguette banh mi, and I believe this sandwich will continue to evolve. There are dishes I’ve discovered on the streets that are very new, like a Vietnamese version of pizza, made on rice paper and cooked over coal.”

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