Change the Taste with Hue Cuisine in The Middle of Saigon


You can enjoy mussel rice in Bich Lien restaurant, khoái cake in Ngu Binh restaurant or crab soup cake Nam Pho in Ms. Xuan shop, etc. Such these addresses surely help you touch Hue’s soul in the middle of Saigon.

The Hue old capital is not only famous for tomb architecture or unique court music, but it also contains invaluable cultural cuisine. Every single dish has its own flavor that is hard to forget when you have enjoyed once. Let’s point some delicious and attractive Hue shops in Saigon.

1. Khoái cake in Ngu Binh shop

With the name sounds like places in Hue, Ngu Binh shop is located in a quiet area of Nguyen Van Troi, Phu Nhuan district. The most favorable dish is khoái cake and water fern cake. The shrimp must be fresh and tasty; the fern powder has high quality and distinct scent, enough thick and without sour flavor. Khoái cake has crispy crust, sweet and fresh prawn, served with soya sauce mixed peanut and minced liver, a dish of green vegetable. After the meal, dinner can order green bean porridge as your dessert.

banh khoai

                     Khoái cakes show the subtlety and sophistication of Hue dishes

2. Fern Cake Cao Ba Nha

Typical cakes such as: fern cake, nậm cake, lọc cake, etc. are imbued with cuisine culture of Hue. Fern cakes in Hue are different to ones in Saigon. At Cao Ba Nha shop, the fern cake is varied in a different ways, beside minced shrimp and soya, this shop adds a little fried bread and green bean.

banh beo

                                    Fern cake, a rural dish imbued with Hue cuisine

In a busy afternoon of Saigon, finding a quiet corner to enjoy dishes of Hue is an interest. Dinners can find to Cao Ba Nha street which has the fern cake carrying Hue flavor will bring you back to a poetic and lovely land of the old capital.

3. Mixed Noodle and Tré in Bich Lien shop

Located in a narrow lane of Le Van Sy street, district 3, tré dish of Bich Lien shop is common dish imbued with Hue cuisine. The shop’s menu is quite diverse with Hue cuisine such as: mussel rice, mussel noodle, crab soup cake, fern cake, nậm cake, kinds of spring rolls, tré or fish balls.

The most favorite food is the mixed noodle- tasty and delicious. To enjoy this dish, dinners can order a small dish of tré that is made from minced pork meat, mixed with typical spices such as sesame, garlic, etc. then fermented. Hence, tré is crispy and little sour.


                               Tré, common dish but imbued with Hue cuisine

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