Cho Quan Church in Saigon

Location: 120 Tran Binh Trong, ward 2, district 5, Ho Chi Minh city.

Cho Quan Church was designed in Gothique architectural style, over more than 100 years but still majestic and most massive in Cho Lon area.  Doors are designed in curved dome structure, large stone pillars with unique patterns, and ancient mossy red tile roofs. When entering the front door of the Cathedral, you will find it magnificent. The Master’s table and the statue of Jesus are situated in the middle, Saint Marry’s altar on the left, the altar of St. Joseph on the right, in addition, two sides also have statues of saints.

Window frames are not covered with colored glasses as other big church; there are 4 rows of large benches and 2 small rows inside. Opposite the Master’s table, in higher position is Jesus picture- the universe King and under the picture is a small path to the bell tower.

The bell tower has three floors: a floor to ring the bell, a floor to place the bell and the top floor. The main gate tower with 5 bells: 2 bells to ring everyday, 2 bells for big ceremonies and one to inform the death, and on the very special day, 5 bells will be rung at once. Standing on the top floor, you can see the whole District 5. But the special thing of the bell tower is that the bell was casted in France and shipped over here by water. To transport this bell to the tower, people do not use human or machine forces, but use the force of 5 elephants. So far, the bell tower has been repaired 3 times.

cho quan1

Cho Quan church in the past

cho quan 2

Cho Quan church nowadays

cho quan thap chuong

The bell tower of the church

cho quan tuong chua

The Jesus statue in the church’s campus

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