Churches for Christmas in Saigon (part 2)


Apart from entertainment places in the city center, churches are destinations for a lot of tourists on the occasion of Christmas.

Huyen Si Church

huyen si

Huyen Si church at no. 1 Ton That Tung street, district 1

The Huyen Si church was built in model of small French churches. This is one of few constructions using Bien Hoa granite material for main hall as well as foundation and main columns. This kind of stone is too hard to decorate with traditional patterns but it shows the richness.

The church carries the style of new Gothic. The main hall has sharp domes shape, pointed windows and some other special decoration.

Walls with windows but little light can penetrate due to be screened. Inside church has a grave of Mr. and Mrs Huyen Sy (Le Phat Dat) made of marble, including their two statues in eternal sleep. Huyen Sy was the richest person at that time and spent money for church building, so this place was named “Huyen Sy church”.

Cha Tam Church

cha tam

The Cha Tam Church at 25 Hoc Lac street, district 5

The Cha Tam church or Francis Xavier church in Big Market is decorated with a horizontal lacquered boards as in Chinese temples. On December 3, 1900, in the feast of St. Francis Xavier, Bishop Mossard, bishop of Saigon, came to put the first stone to build the church for the Chinese, namely Francis Xavier church today.

On January 1, 1902, the dedication feast (inauguration) was solemnly conducted. After building the church, the pastor Asson Tam also built a school, foster home, a boarding house, and houses for rent.

In 1934, the pastor Asson Tam passed away, the funeral was held at the entrance of the church. Hence, it is often called the Cha Tam church.

Cho Quan Church

cho quan

The Cho Quan church at 120 Tran Binh Trong street, district 5

The Cho Quan church has Gothic architecture style, over more than 100 years but is still stately and most massive at Big Market area. After church rebuilt several times, in 1887, the parish priest Nicola Ham (Finance) started construction of a new church. This work was inaugurated on 4th festival calm (in 1896) and exists so far.

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