Churches for Christmas in Saigon (to be continued)

Apart from entertainment places in the city center, churches are destinations for a lot of tourists on the occasion of Christmas.

Churches in Saigon were mainly built in the late 19th century, in French architectural style combined with Rome style, Gothic in European Medieval age. Some constructions were built to support the French colonials; some are religious works for spiritual demands.

Notre- Dame Cathedral

duc ba

The Notre-dame cathedral is located in Dong Khoi street, district 1.

The cathedral is the largest scale in Ho Chi Minh city and was built in 1880. It has been called the State cathedral because the French colonials invested to build this work and it usually took place official ceremonies.

At that time, the Notre-dame cathedral was considered as the largest one under the French colonial. It was built with Marseille tile, color glass, iron frame imported from France and green stone from Bien Hoa. The cathedral’s windows are designed in Rome style with arches in Gothic style that recall us to great cathedrals in Paris, Chartres and Reims.

The Notre-dame cathedral is absolutely no room for candles; it is fully illuminated by electric lights right from being built. The construction was started on October 7, 1877 and inaugurated on April 11, 1880. The cathedral was designed in France and conducted by a French engineer name Bourad.

Tan Dinh Church

tan dinh

The Tan Dinh church is located at 289 Hai Ba Trung street, district 3.

Tan Dinh cathedral is smaller than the Notre-dame cathedral. It is an example for mixture of French architecture, was built and expanded in different periods. It was inaugurated on December 16, 1876; Tan Dinh church is one of early religious works in Saigon.

Located in a busy street, Tan Dinh church attracts visitors because of eye-catching architecture with arches and skillfully sculptured patterns.

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