Coffee Culture of Saigon People

The busy pace of Saigon life is compared as an endless wheel that makes their children keep nonstop spinning. Busy to go to school and work, but talented Saigon people still find some real moments to sit on a sidewalk cafe, sip a cup of bitter coffee, sometimes enjoy several cigarettes. Perhaps it is one of a lot of things to make the culture and lifestyles of Saigon people.

Coffee is a popular drink in many countries around the world. But every place has its own coffee culture. For example, busy Americans generally prefer take- away coffee, the Italians can sit for hours to enjoy their coffee, the French drinking coffee to watch girls go back and forth on the road, etc.  So what is about the Vietnamese in general and Saigon people in particular?

cafe saigon (1)

Every single place in the world owns its coffee culture

It has long been said that the Vietnamese do love coffee. However, the coffee culture between Hanoi and Saigon are totally different. Some examples as following:

Time to drink coffee:

In Saigon: people drink coffee with a lot of ice on the morning before a working

In Hanoi: people usually drink coffee when they relax before going to bed

If you order a cup of black coffee:

In Saigon: you will be served with a cup of coffee on black

In Hanoi: you will be served a cup of black coffee with milk

If you want to taste milk coffee in Saigon, you should order a cup of “bac xiu”

cafe saigon (2)

A familiar image in a sidewalk café shop

cafe saigon (3)

Bitter coffee

cafe saigon (4)

“Have a cup of coffee in free time, Ok?” is a popular suggestion of Saigon people

cafe saigon (5)

It is not hard to find a café shop in Saigon

Coffee has been an indispensable culture of Saigon people. In addition to refresh for a hard- working day, coffee is also a spiritual food, a meeting place for friends, partners, and an ideal dating place. If you are not Saigon residents, but have chance to visit Saigon, let’s taste café on any corner of Saigon street in order to experience as Saigon people do.

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