Cu Chi Tunnels- Second to none

dia dao cu chi

The tunnels of Cu Chi are a famous historical relic located in Phu My Hung commune, Cu Chi district, 70 km from the North of city center.

The tunnels of Cu Chi are known as second to none with 250 km long runs in sharp zag underground, made up of rudimentary tools as spades and shovels. The tunnels is 3-8 meters deep and the height is just enough for a person to go crouched. The first trench is right at the edge of the forest in which has an underground well providing drinking water for the whole region of tunnels. The well is 15m deep with clear water.

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The tunnel system consists of three floors, from the ” backbone ” road directing to other long branches and short branches connecting together, has some long branches reaching the Saigon River. The first floor is 3m from the ground, can resist the weight of artillery and tanks, armored vehicles. The second floor is 5m from the ground, can resist the small bomb. And final floor is 8 – 10m from the ground for most safety. Roads leading trenches are arranged by the secret hatch covers. It looks like  worm’s dirt extrusion on the ground and along the tunnels have tunnel vents. Combined with the wide tunnels has basements to rest, stores weapons, food, wells, Hoang Cam kitchen, commander’s basement, surgery. There are also large basements with roofs and cleverly disguised to watch movies , art, etc.

With the value and historical dimension made  in bloodshed and the efforts of thousands of soldiers, fellow, The tunnels of Cu Chi was recognized as a national Historic cultural Landmark -by the Ministry of Culture and Information.

The tunnels of Cu Chi quickly attracts tourists at home as well as abroad. It becomes a traditional destination of Vietnamese generations and the admiration of international friends.

Address: Phu My Hung commune, Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh city.

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