Curry Goat _a high demand delicacy in Saigon


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Hot taste peppers, mixed with pungent flavor of curry, add a little greasy taste of slice goat meat creates an unique and well-known delicacy in Saigon.

Curry goat is a curry dish originating in India, has been popularly introduced and has become a well-known delicacy in Saigon. Anywhere you go in Saigon, you will see signboards of curry goat in every street, from luxurious restaurants to common eaters. There are two famous shops in Saigon which are well known for the curry goat dish:

1. Curry Goat Musa

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Located in a narrow lane of Su Van Hanh road, district 5, but the shop is always jammed by customers. The shop owner is a Cham person from An Giang. The shop has long been there. Originally, the shops followed India cuisine culture with goat meat marinated with lots of Indian flavor and species. During different periods, the dish has been changed to meet Viet taste by adding amount of milk and coconut water that make goat meat more tender, more fragrant, greasy sweet and spicy sauce. Such these mixture has made the curry goat  dish more suitable with Saigon people.

The pungent hot taste and fragrant of carry goat served with hot bread, it is hard to deny when you visit Musa. To add other dishes with the curry goat, dinners can order a course of special rice that is cooked with coconut water, colored as red sticky rice, carrying a fragrant, tasty and greasy taste.

2. Curry Goat Seven Red

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Also located in a narrow lane of Tran Quang Khai street, district 1, the first highlight of the shop Seven Red is that the lane is only wide enough for a person go through. Saigon gourmets always consider the curry goat dish as a legend dish of the shop. The dish is made by a Bac Ninh person (Quan Ho singing) who settle down in Saigon and has made by himself a well known and distinct curry goat dish.

With a lot of secret recipes, after buying spices in Ben Thanh market where spices are imported from India and Malaysia, he mixes them in a certain  proportion and kept in secret. It is an attractive point for curious customers and they are appealed with its distinct taste.

Beside the curry goat dish, let not forget other attractive dishes like: Grilled goat, ginger steamed goat, satay fried goat, etc.

When coming Saigon, if you miss the curry goat dish, it means you miss a distinct flavor of Saigon.

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