Dalat night market

Dalat market represents the very heart of Dalat City, it is located in the right-center, visitor can do some late night shopping, a great experience that you can not skip when visiting Dalat, especially during weekends and public holidays. You will find an endless number of street food vendors, stalls with clothes, souvenirs, and street performances to finish the cozy atmosphere.

Opening hours: 

The Central Dalat Market opens already early in the morning at 6:30 AM. In the evening stalls are put outside and the market continues as a night market from 5 pm – 10 pm.

The market is right in the center of the city, next to Xuan Huong lake at 4 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street.

What thing to see and buy in the night market?

Street performance

Like a Dong Xuan night market ( Hanoi city) Dalat night market is not only selling and buying goods but also there are different street performances. You can see the groups dance to hip hop, others do a skater show and there are different groups that do something else.

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Besides that, some shops promote their wares with living dolls from mainly Japanese cartoons, such as Hello Kitty, Pikachu, and some Vietnamese artists are painting portraits.

Street food

Food is for many the biggest reason to come to the Dalat Night Market. During the day time, fresh vegetables and fruit from the local area are sold in the Central Market. During night time, there are a few stalls who sell this, but it is mainly the street food stalls that take over. Some of the typical and most popular Dalat dishes are the Dalat pizza, banh mi, rice noodles, baked sweet potatoes, grilled corn, grilled eggs in zinc paper for the cold air here, soybean milk, green beans, peanuts for warm day belly.


Delicious preserved foods

The second specialty this market is famous for is the preserved foods. Dried sweet potato chips, marmalades, fruit jams, and candy made of local fruit. Candied ginger is very popular as a souvenir or gift for Saigonese tea-nerds because it goes exceptionally well with good oolong tea. Which brings us right to the next paragraph here.



Shop for Warm clothing 

Like all the markets in Vietnam, there is a big section with clothes. you can find shirts, pants, shirts, shoes, socks and a lot more. Because Dalat is located in the highlands, it also has a cooler climate compared with  Ho Chi Minh city for example. So in contrary to many other markets, you can also find a lot of warmer clothes here, like jackets, gloves, woolen caps and scarves. There is also a section with second-hand clothes, where you can buy clothes for as cheap as 2 to 3 dollars.



There are also lots of souvenirs you can buy in the market. Compared with the tourist shops, souvenirs in the night market are much cheap with a lot of handmade products. Don’t expect a lot of high-quality handicrafts though. This handmade wooden furniture is very popular with young people as a souvenir
The famous immortal flower in Da Lat is also often bought as a gift after each trip here.
Brocade bags, wool hooks are also offered as souvenirs. Tattoos, write the name on the keychain.


Teas and Herbal infusions at the Central Market

In the Dalat Night market, they sell teas and herbal infusions at the market. Especially popular is artichoke infusion which is supposed to have great health benefits and tastes delicious, which is a rare combination you know. Many stalls offer small cups and little bites to sample their wares.



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