Delicious Dishes at Tu Tri Restaurant

Tu Ki cuisine includes a lot of delicacies, but most special one is goat with 11 dishes imbued with Vietnamese flavor such as: steamed goat, goat salad, goat hot-pot, etc.

Born in 1994, the brand Tu Tri restaurant has long been known as a popular choice for Saigon cuisine lovers. Each dish here is a subtle combination of food quality and talented chefs. Tu Tri cuisine consists of a lot of delicious dishes but most special one is the goat meat processed into 11 dishes imbued with Vietnamese cuisine such as: steamed goat, goat salad, goat hot-pot, grilled goat, grilled goat’s breast, etc. Thanks to these typical dishes, Tu Tri is well-known for “First Goat Hot Pot”.

tu tri

Tu Tri is well-known for “First Goat Hot Pot”.

In addition, the restaurant owns a rich menu, from fast food to seafood (crab, shrimp, squid, snails, etc.) together with salad dishes and hot pot. Coming here, you are able to enjoy special fast food like grilled German hot-dog and other delicacies such as crab chili with bread, grilled sapa fish, etc. Moreover, the restaurant serves vegetarian dishes like salad, sour and sweet fried tofu, fried water spinach, etc. along with a variety of beer and wine.

Furthermore, the restaurant also owns large areas located in Binh Thanh district, Go Vap district, Thu Duc district, Tan Phu district and district 1. It is suitable for birthday parties, meeting, wedding, etc. with friendly and restful atmosphere. Coming to the restaurant, customers will be enjoyed cozy luxury space but friendly with cool garden yards, systems of VIP rooms. The restaurant has young enthusiastic and wholehearted staffs which make sure to satisfy customers.

tu tri 2

After 20 years of operation, cuisine quintessence, airy space and wholehearted services have helped Tu Tru restaurant become an ideal meeting place for friends and relatives.

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