Delicious Dishes From Snails in Saigon

Visiting Saigon, if having not tasted snail dishes yet, your journey really is not completed. The happiness of living in Saigon is that it is easy to find tasty food. It does need to go beach to enjoy seafood, just sit in a snail shop at night, your requirement will be matched. When visiting snail shops, you should not miss out the following dishes:

Grilled Crab Legs With Salt and Chili

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It can be said that every snail shop in Saigon serves the dish grilled crab legs with salt and chili in its menu. Firm crab legs with chewy meat together with salty and spicy flavor of salt and chili really stimulate diners’ taste. When serving the dish, crab legs are usually nipped in advance to make it easier to enjoy. Crabs legs are dipped with sweet fish sauce or salt with chili and lemon juice. A dish of crab legs costs about VND 80,000 to 150,000.

Fried Snails with Coconut

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With greasy coconut milk, added with some slices of chili, the fried snails with coconut is the second dish you should order. The fried snails with coconut is a tasty food but not many customers order because they find hard to use their mouth to remove meat from its shell. The more coconut milk quality is, the more delicious the fried snail with coconut is.

Fried Blood Cockle with Tamarind

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If you do not mind separating blood cockle’s shell, the fried blood cockle with tamarind is another delicious dish. It is tastier when served with bread. Shredding a piece of bread and adding little tamarind water, you will feel an interesting taste, especially when you are in hungry. Apart from the fried blood cockle with tamarind, you can ask for grilled blood cockles.

In addition, there are other delicious dishes such as: fried noodles with water spinach, mixture congee, roasted crunchy rice or grilled perfume snails. If having chance, do not miss such these dishes when visiting snail diners in Saigon.

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