Delicious grilled duck tongue- hard to resist


luoi nuong

When sauce droplets touch charcoal fire, diners seating near the kitchen will not resist the attractive sound, fragrant smoke or interesting discoloration of dishes.

If you accustomed or addicted to the greasy, strong fragrant flavor, tough, brittle of the luoi vit sapo- stewed duck tongues with chilies and lemongrass, came swimming in a bubbling brew so delicious that we ordered baguettes to sop it up, you should not miss the dish of grilled duck tongues. It sounds strange but familiar because of using same spices. Because it is cooked on a charcoal fire, the grilled duck tongues are less greasy and more aromatic. You can continuously “suck” ten grilled duck tongues without greasy feeling. However, it has same spices, but to have a roast duck tongue attracts tourists require a meticulous and skillful chef in stages of processing, marinated, and grilled. Specifically, after purchasing and being cleaned, the duck tongue shall be marinated with a series of strong smelling spices like five spices flavor, curry, satay powder, onion, pepper … and then placed in refrigerator to keep tongues fresh. After being quickly grilled, baked duck tongues are stored in the refrigerator. When a customer orders, duck tongues will be grilled again.

luoi nuong 2

The second grilling requires more sophisticated in watching time for basting sauce – mixture of five spices, onion, pepper, chili and satay and honey. This is actually stage “consuming saliva to diners sitting near the oven, because of impressive sound, fragrant smoke spread, duck tongues after being “bathed” with sauce, turn into dark golden color.

thit nuong

chao suon

Fragrant and soft rib porridge

nuoc uong

Beat-heat and cooling beverages

Despite not be marinated with any spice, peaces of steak in this dish are very fresh and sweet thanks to a special sauce. Meat roll mustard green is inspired by barbecue dish of Sa Pa. But if in original place, they use forest vegetable, the shop use mustard green instead. Although this substitution made ​​barbecue not hold true taste of original dish, the bitter and spicy flavors of this vegetable also makes dinners satisfy. In addition, to overcome weaknesses, the shop highlights itself by using special sour, spicy, and fragrant sauce that is hard to resist.

The baked goods are daily sold from 4pm to 10pm. Roasted duck tongue VND 12,000 / unit. Hot pot – 125,000 dong/ pot

Address: 111 Pham Viet Chanh street, district 1, Ho Chi Minh city

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