Delicious Sticky Rice Roll “Take Away” in Sai Gon


xoi cuon

The variation of sushi sticky rice creates an exciting unique, this suggested shop will surely attract many pedestrians because from main decoration to service manner of this shop is not different from a Western take-away restaurants but sticky rice flavor and atmosphere are imbued with Vietnamese style.

Located at Quang Trung street, Go An district, opposite Xom Thuoc church, few eateries surrounded, the sticky rice roll shop is always crowded. The unique point of the shop is the dish of sticky rice rolls: sweet or salty fillings are wrapped with rice crepes (banh trang in Vietnamese). The food is carefully preserved in a clean wardrobe. The filling is served with sticky rice, the shop’s menu is divided into 2 categories : salty sweet sticky rice and sweet sticky rice.

xoi cuon

With the menu of Salty sticky, besides the usual dishes like sticky rice with shredded chicken , mixed sticky rice, the shop also tries adding other unique fillings as : fried beef guise leaves, roast pork, chicken roti, etc.

Like other fast food restaurants , the “Western” sticky rice shop bases on three main dishes: chicken, beef and pork, besides it is divided into ” dry food ” and “food sauces used.” The saltiness of fillings harmony with the sweetness of outside banh trang layer , the rolls are tough soft, and extremely interesting.

The sticky rice and food is cooked in day , if you order, it will be wrapped with banh trang, previously coated with an extra layer of cooking oil, and rolled with rice paper wrappers. When the food is not hot, you can put it in a microwave to reheat.

Decorated with modern take-away style, but the shop satisfies dinners with Vietnamese items as green banana color baskets and  bandanna in uniform.

Despite “western” style, the price is affordable, about 20,000 dong for most dishes.

Address: Quang Trung street, Go An district, Ho Chi Minh city, opposite Xom Thuoc

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