Dinner At A White Palace Of Saigon

The palace is designed as a sample of Taj Mahal temple, India and tourists are able to enjoy French dishes such as duck liver, Kobe beef meat or grilled duck. What is about a dinner at a white palace of Saigon?

Situated in Ban Nguyet lake, district 7, the white palace TajmaSago is designed as a sample of Taj Mahal temple- one of the World Wonders in India. When coming here, you will be overwhelmed by its gorgeous beauty. The palace is surrounded with lush green carpets and clear water lake with brunches of small flowers.

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The white palace is designed as a sample of Taj Mahal- a World Wonder of India.

Stepping into, the inside space appears with two main colors: black and white, strips of hanging silk and the faint scent of frankincense will bring tourists a new feeling. The interesting thing is that you have a chance to enjoy a luxurious dinner at Trois Pommes restaurant with menu of French dishes.

Be dressed in your finest and rendezvous with your beloved one here. You will enjoy amazing food such as soup made from precious Truffle mushrooms, salmon of Tasmania or specialty fish eggs Caviar, etc. Many customers can call each separate dish to enjoy, but if feels difficult to choose, you can try out an available menu of four dishes: soup, appetizer, main course and dessert.

After having the opportunity to enjoy dishes on the menu, Miss Duong Lam, District 6, shared: “The first time I enjoyed a meal in such a palatial mansion. I had mushroom soup Truffles, lobster salad with onion sauce, beef fillet served with asparagus, mashed potatoes. The atmosphere and music here is really great.”

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Fined food and eye-catching decoration

In this white castle, the French dishes are prepared by renowned chefs. Desserts are also very picky including chocolate valrohna cake, Italian lemon cake, cheesecake, etc. The price of food here is ranged from VND 180,000 to 1.5 million. It represents a different cuisine style and is seen as a spiritual gift to give a loved one.

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