Discover First Sunrise Place In Vietnam

Viewed in distance, Mui Dien looks like a giant tortoise’s back hidden among the blue sky and a vast sea. Mui Dien is one of the famous tourist destinations of Phu Yen, and dubbed the easternmost point which catches first sunlight on land in Vietnam.

Saigon twilight around 6pm, members in our tour excitedly began a journey of new discovery. Wheelchairs moved, after crossing over 550km, nearly 4 hours 30 am, we reach the junction Vung Ro located on Deo Ca. Still sleepy after more than 10 hours sitting on car, but we were still eager and excited to know that we were going to conquer the easternmost point of Vietnam.

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Panoramic shot of Mui Dien and Mon Beach.

Mui Dien is located near the historic site Vung Ro – famous for the legendary ships without number. The road from the junction Vung Ro to Mui Dien is about 8km long. This is a beautiful asphalt and fairly absent road. We decided to choose a suitable location on the same street to zoom out dawn on Mui Dien.

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Relic in Vung Ro ships without numbers

It began in the morning. Toward the east, bright red spots appear. Slowly it spreads out and turns to orange yellow with multiple color layers, forming a bright line along the boundary between the cloud and the deep blue ocean. And then the most expected moment came. The sun slowly rises above the sea. Viewed from distance, sunlight emanates as a big fan of iridescent sparkle, and we quickly catch that moment. Along with the peaceful quiet beach Mon, Mui Dien has a lighthouse, sunrise as the last piece of the puzzle that create a beautiful natural picture. The sun slowly rises, reflecting ranges of light looks like a golden path on the sea. Through camera lens, landscape is more beautiful because it brings the feeling of photographers. In particular, we were lucky to catch a rare image when the lighthouse remains lit when the sun rises. Keeping photos of first dawn moment of Vietnam, for us, it is a great feeling.

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Dawn at Mui Dien lighthouse

After taking breakfast, we walk slowly to Mui Dien. The path to Mui Dien is a spacious stone path along the mountainside and vast green trees in two sides. We see the Mon Beach in the distance. Near Mui Dien lighthouse, on the right is a guide to Rang Dong cape. Follow this direction; we reach a marble plaque engraved “easternmost point – the first sunrise on land in Vietnam.  The team members take turns shooting pictures here, to save a milestone for this unique destination and for great feeling that it brings.

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The way to get Mui Dien

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Rocky path to get Rang Dong cape

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The path to Rang Dong

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A view from Rang Dong cape

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The milestone of easternmost point

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The team members take turns shooting pictures here.

From Rang Dong cape, there is a short and steep path with many big rocks leading to the Mui Dien lighthouse. Despite difficult road, the beautiful scenery is as a reward for conquering it. We are thrilled to climb up narrow stairs inside the lighthouse. And finally, when standing at the railing of the tower, the members were really excited and interested. From the above, we can zoom out an endless hills, mountains and deep blue sea. A beauty makes anyone dumbfounded. Wind is so strong that some members were scared of being blown out. We struggled to make impressive photos of Mui Dien zoom out from this location. Hunting beautiful pictures were a joy hard to describe, but hunting photos with your all the attention and emotions were extremely happiness. The landscapes here do us passionate, admiring and just want to stand forever. When leaving, we still looked back and regret.

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The difficult path from Mui Dien to Dai Lanh lighthouse

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Mon Beach viewed from the way to Mui Dien

After walking down from Mui Dien lighthouse, on the way back, we saw a sign “Bai Mon” on the right. Mon Beach is a relatively unspoiled coastline with long fine golden sand. Thanks to mountains on two sides, sea here is calm and quiet. From here we had a new perspective on Mon Beach. Not from above as before but closer with fishing boats, blue waters of the sea, schools of small, etc.  A spotlight of Mon Beach is sea spinach covering many sand dunes. In particular, along coastline is a freshwater river with cows which leisurely grazed.

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The board recognized local tourist attraction of Mui Dien and Mon beach.

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A costal path of Mon beach down to the foothills. A freshwater stream flows into the sea.

Each land crossing and every beauty recorded through each photo give us a special feeling. And with Mui Dien, which is considered the easternmost of the fatherland, our emotions flow more intense: the moment of the first dawn of Vietnam, lighthouse, spectacular natural beauty from above, etc. All these images can be hardly forgotten, especially for photography enthusiasts.

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