Discover Saigon Transportation Through Queer Pictures

Nowadays, Saigon is a tourist attraction. To be more convenient for travelling on busy streets, tourists need to know carefully about Saigon transportation. Together with Discover Saigon Transportation Through Queer Pictures.

  1. The Toe Truck


The Toe Truck is originated from “The Tow Truck” because of out of power on Saigon streets.

2. The Skeleton Bike

Discover-Saigon-Transportation (1)

Photo of transport vehicle’s shapes likes a skeleton.

3. The Social Roadbock

Discover-Saigon-Transportation (2)

It is really uncomfortable to control vehicles after such these people.

4. The Mobile Restaurant

Discover-Saigon-Transportation (3)

“Mobile restaurants” appear every corner of Saigon streets.

5. The Polluter

Discover-Saigon-Transportation (4)

Instead of travelling by car and motorbike, let’s try to use bikes, walking or public transportation such as: bus, cyclo, etc., you contribute to protect environment.

6. The Mobile Market

Discover-Saigon-Transportation (5)

“The mobile market” is consumers who buy a lot of things from markets and they have to hang them as much as possible.

7. The Texter

Discover-Saigon-Transportation (6)

It is the image of those who both control vehicle and text message.

8.The Bike Of Burden

Discover-Saigon-Transportation (7)

The Bike Of Burden

9. The Family

Discover-Saigon-Transportation (8)

They transport all members of a family in a motorbike

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