Duc Ba Cathedral

Duc Ba Cathedral is located on Han Thuyen Street, facing down Dong Khoi Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

In August 1876, the design of J.Bourard with Roman & Gothic style was chosen among 17 other designs in the design contest for a new coming church in Saigon . The church was built in nearly 3 years and the Duc Ba church is always one of the oldest and most beautiful church in Vietnam.

Duc Ba Cathedral

Duc Ba Cathedral

In 1896, the two big towers were built in at 57.6m height with 6 big copper bells inside, at the top of each tower, the huge cross was placed with the size of 2 metres wide, 3.5 metres height and 600 kg weight.

The tallest point of Duc Ba church was 60.5 meters. The church’s length was 93 meters, the biggest wide point was 35 meters and the roof was 21 meters height.

In 1956, the Lady of Peace status was put in the front of the church and from that time until now, the church name was called Duc Ba (Lady) church.

Duc Ba cathedral 's Bells

Duc Ba cathedral ‘s Bells

It took about 2,500,000 franc and 3 years to built the church. The bricks on the outside were made in France and used their own original colors. After 140 years, they are mostly still in very good condition.

Duc Ba's walls

Duc Ba’s walls


There are 56 color mirror windows on the walls inside Duc Ba Cathedral, each window shows a story from history of Catholic and that makes the Church is very unique. After 120 years, the 6 bells inside two towers remain in good condition. Each bell would perform a key major note (Sol-G, La-A, Si-H, Do-C, Re-D, Mi-E). The total weight of 6 bells was about 29 tons.

Duc Ba's Window

Duc Ba’s Window

If you have a chance to travel in Ho Chi Minh city, don’t miss this place !

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