Eight Free Enjoyable Experiences in Saigon


Visiting Notre-Dame cathedral, Saigon post office, free ice tea, etc. are interesting things make you love Saigon more.

Someone think that Saigon is busy, hustle, and luxurious, because you have to pay money for anything or service you want to use. However, let ignore them and glance at eight free things which you are able to experience in most crowded city in Vietnam.

Hearing concerts at the city theatre

nha hat thanh pho

The concert of ethnic orchestra in the lobby of the city theatre

On every Saturday or Sunday, at 8:15-9:30 am, each music performance will be organized in the front lobby of the city theatre. You shall have chance to enjoy various kinds of music or funny programs stirring a nice weekend morning.

Sidewalk Ice Tea

tra da via he

In Saigon, this kind of cool beverage is nearly free in most common dinners. Especially, when it is served free of charge at some bottled water placed near sidewalk or corners of streets near and far.

At the first time, this beautiful action is only appeared in some places, but now the number of free ice tea is increasing at Ly Thai To street (district 10), Vo Van Tan street (district 3) on hot summer days. A lot of poor laborers, student, and pupils visit free bottles of ice tea, drink cool water to reduce the heat of summer noon.

Taste dishes you want to purchase

mut sai gon

One of impressive things tourists like in Saigon is that you can free taste fruits, jams before buying with welcome invitation from sellers.

You can walk around Ben Thanh market and taste all fried fruits or jam, candies without paying money. Surely, “the king” will always receive friendly smile from sellers. If you are familiar to the market, you have chance to taste fresh fruits and bargain for cheaper price (compared to listed price).

Tourism Map

ban do sai gon

The city tour map is a useful instrument for your journey discovering Saigon. You can easily get it at hotel reception or Tan Son Nhat airport, City post office, etc. Using the city map combine with tourism instruction and online tools to have an interesting visit in the age of digital technique.

Walking around Notre-dame Cathedral

nha tho duc ba 2

The Notre-dame cathedral was built in three years and completed in 1880. All materials were delivered from France. At present, the construction still keeps ancient features and one of most attractive destination of Ho Chi Minh City.

Beside sitting plump café and Turtle lake, this is not only a familiar gathering place of Saigon youth, but also a beautiful place for couples taking photo on occasion of wedding. Every Sunday morning, sitting in front of Notre-Dame cathedral and look couples, you will feel peace of mind.

Visiting the City Post Office

buu dien sai gon 2

Located on the left of Notre-dame cathedral, the city post office is also a free destination that most tourists coming Saigon want to visit. It is one of typical architectural works by skillfully combining between Western styles and Asian decoration styles, this is also a working place of the last letter-writer in Vietnam which makes a lot of foreign tourists curious and wants to discover.


free hugs

Saigon is one of few places that regularly hold the day of free warm hugs, where strangers give each other loving sentiments without any shyness – Free Hugs. Started from foreign countries, the festival day “free hugs” has been organized few years now so it is still relatively new to many people.

However, a hug brings smiles and exciting spirit, it is no reason to deny. And you do not have to pay any money to get the warm happiness.

 “5 Star” Public WC

nha ve sinh cong cong

Have been just put into operation at 3 places: Tao Dan park, September 23 Park and Le Van Tam park, each “5 star” public WC was invested about 800- 1 billion VND with the area of 60 square meters together with high quality equipment to create impressive image to users and tourists.

Such these good services are donated by enterprises so they are total free and will bring you perfect impression about modern, friendly and open Saigon.

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