Enjoy coffee at Notre-Dame Cathedral and Contemplate Pigeons

Not only watch, tourists have chance to touch and feed pigeons here.

It can be said that two sides of Notre-Dame Cathedral are places with most doves in Ho Chi Minh city. Particularly, such these birds feel quite comfortable to eat right on tourists’ hands.

Pigeons usually play around on sidewalks in the morning and in the afternoon; they fly to the roof of the church or nearby buildings.

bo cau nha tho duc ba

Many couples choose sidewalks near Notre-Dame Cathedral as a wedding photoshoot location.

Notre Dame Cathedral located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City is not only impressive and beautiful architecture, but also an interesting place for tourists. In cool mornings, sidewalks on two sides of the cathedral are always crowded with customers who enjoy coffer in sitting café shops. Sitting here, you will see flows of people walking back and forth and specially, you will have chance to play with pigeons on the sidewalks.

You can buy a cup of food for birds, then pour it into your hands, such these pigeons will fly to and stop at your shoulders or on your hands to pick food up. Pigeons seem being familiar with the feeding, hence, tourists can touch such these friendly birds.

bo cau nha tho duc ba 3

The flock of bird plays on the sidewalk without any fear

bo cau nha tho duc ba 2

Everyday, such these birds are fed by tourists.

bo cau nha tho duc ba 5

The pigeons on tourists’ hands

In addition, many couples choose this place as a wedding photoshoot location. Pigeons with many colors such as: white, black and mixed will be special characters in their wedding albums.

If you plan to watch pigeons, you should wake up at early morning. Because, in the afternoon, flocks of pigeons usually fly to the top of the Cathedral or surrounding tall buildings. Just drink a cup of coffee and feed pigeons when travelling Ho Chi Minh city, you will have unforgettable memories.

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