Enjoy Various Kinds of Snails with only VND 20,000

If other snail shops usually open at night, the shop here opens from noon with menu of dishes under VND 50,000.

oc 1

Grilled Sea Oyster with Spring Onion & Oil is very attractive. Unlike most snail shops which usually open at night, “Ốc Tới Nơi” opens at noon. The shop does not have many strange dishes in the menu but the open time is an advantage that helps the shop attract crowd of customers, especially office staffs. All dishes do not exceed VND 50,000. If it is compared with other shops in the city center position, the shop’s price is very reasonable. The shop owner supplies high-speed wifi for customer check- in and searching.

oc 2

                                                           Fried Snail with garlic

Of course, to actually attract tourists, the dish quality is put on top. It is advertised that dished are cooked by a professional cook.

The shop’s menu is various with sour and spicy mixed snails, sea oysters, finger nail snail, fried snail with coconut, butter, and chili, blood oyster, etc. Grilled snail with fish sauce is must-see dish when visiting the shop because snail’s meat is crispy, sweet, eat more and see more delicious, especially when grilled with special sauce of the shop.

oc 3

Red snail

oc 4


oc 5

Coconut snails

oc 6

Perfume snails

Particularly fired squid with garlic, surely not strange to Saigon, but you have to taste once. Because octopus here is carefully chosen and fried garlic water is also tasty, easy to match customers’ taste. Should enjoy the dish when it is still hot; add a little seafood green sauce to reach the maximum point.

oc 7

Famous squid dish of the shop

The shop’s attraction does not come from materials because they are too popular. Actually, it comes from fresh food and attractive processing. Because the shop opens at noon, the processing has to be varied to match office staffs’ taste.

oc 8

Crab claws

oc 9

Grilled oysters with cheese

oc 10

Finger nail snail

Open time: from 10 am to 2 am of following day

Address: Snail shop – 375 Nguyen Cong Tru street, Cau Ong Lanh ward, district 1, Ho Chi Minh city.

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