Enjoying Lunch Meal in Korean Style

king BBQ

Located in Saigon center, King BBQ restaurant gives diners the interesting feeling of Korean cuisine space. Apart from modern features mixed with black and white traditional tones, the restaurant gives customers a warm, comfortable feeling together with their families’ meal or when chatting with friends or exchanging work business with partners and colleagues.

King BBQ menu with a variety of fresh raw materials, combined with typical spices and sauces contribute to get major customers’ attraction. BBQ King selected beef sources imported from the United States in accordance with selection procedures and preservation techniques, safety standards, always fresh, soft and natural sweet when roasted.

In addition to barbecue, BBQ King serves other dishes as salads, panchan because Korean people often eat barbecue dishes with plenty of additional dishes to ensure the dish more nutritious and delicious. Panchan at BBQ King is constantly changing every day should be diverse and free service for customers.

A dish can not be missed out in Korean menus are: cold noodles, mixed rice, beef rib soup, seaweed soup, etc. or kimchi hot pot dishes, Bulgogi hot pot, Shabu Shabu hot pot, etc. suitable for a dinner party or on cold weather days. Just enjoying barbecue on charcoal fire just sipping fragrant hotpot is a great thing.

Apart from meticulously marinated dishes, the restaurant also serves delicious nutritious lunch meals with reasonable price only from VND 59,000 for nearly 30 choices. The restaurant is applying promotional rates “Buy 3 get 1 set lunch free”. In addition, when ordering a set lunch at BBQ King, you will be served free of charge for soda, cinnamon tea, dessert and rice.

Address: 208 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street, district 3, Ho Chi Minh city

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