Enjoying Tasty Original Tom Yum Hot-pot in Saigon

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Thailand cuisine has been long introduced to Vietnam and brought diners distinct and attractive tastes. However, not many restaurants satisfy you with original Thai food. For best choice, Saigon-online introduces you a chain of restaurants Coca Suki, let’s enjoy it!

Delicious Thai Hot-Pot

Coca Suki is most famous for hot-pot dishes. Steaming pot with charm fragrance

A steam pot with charm fragrance awakes all senses of diners. The hot- pot has ivory-color broth, harmonize with tasty flavor of seafood as shrimp, fish, squid, etc. and sweetness of fresh vegetable, mushroom, lemongrass, and Thai lemon leaves.

Particularly Thai lemon leaves, they are another special spice, despite cooked in long time, it never makes the hot-pot broth bitter, it still has a distinct scent.

The hot-pot can be served with quality Australian and American beef dish which is carefully selected and directly imported. And especially green pasta that is one of secret foods of Ms. Patama- founder of Coca International group.

Throughout Coca Suki restaurant chain worldwide, in addition to delicious Suki sauce, green pasta is always a best-selling dish. Special green pasta attracts gourmets because it does not contain preservatives, little cholesterol and flavor is processed in own recipes.

Coca Suki is a chain of restaurant specializing in Thai cuisine with a variety of dishes. Taking advantage of favorable position in most busy trade center Sai Thanh Union Square, Coca Suki is not only easy for transporting but also expresses its distinct class.

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