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In Bhanar: ” Kon” is a village, “Tum” is a lake. Kon Tum is created and developed from the village next to Dak Bla lake.

Kon Tum is located on the North of the Central Highlands, the territory of Kon Tum is mostly located on the western flank of Truong Son Moutain range.  The capital of the province is Kon Tum city – a small city located next to the poetic Dak Bla river that flows backward to the West.

Being the second smallest in the Central Highlands ( just wider than Dak Nong province) the terrain is mainly hilly, plateau, alternating with some small, low – lying areas, Kon Tum has very diverse landscapes. Cool climate, green space, quiet and fresh, Kon Tum is a place worth to visit.

Comming to Kon Tum city, don’t miss to visit the famous place:  Kon Tum wooden church. In fact, it named is Kon Tum Cathedral but because of its almost entirely wooden construction the name ” Wooden Church” has become to everyone.


It was built from 1913 to 1918 by Giuse Decrouile priest. It was designed as the Roman style in combination with the Bhanar stilt architecture, using mainly red chrysanthemum wood, with straw ceiling and ceiling – in the traditional style of Central people – Kon Tum Wooden Church is really a hundred-year-old treasure of mountains and forest in Central Highlands.


Not really far away is the Kon Tum Bishop’s Court, whose full name is Kon Tim Missionary Seminary  – the largest religious establishment in the Central Highlands. Built-in the years 1935- 1938 with Western Architecture of the Central Highlands creating a unique building.


Besides the Architecture construction in hundered-year-old, Kon Tum also has a lot of interesting places such as border junction of Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia at Bo Y, Mang Den town on Nh 24 – Dalat of Kon Tum.

The border junction Bo Y, Ngoc Hoi district in the West of Kon Tum- one of 2 border junction of Vietnam ( with A Pa Chai – Vietnam – Laos- China in the North of Vietnam) is the next to narrow concrete border patrol road that ran along the blazing hillsides of the Central Highlands.


Mang Den is the town of Kon Plong district in the East of Kon Tum, located on Highway 24 connect Kon Tum and Quang Ngai. This town like a Dalat of Kon Tum with the green pine forests, the plateau climate is cool all year. The pine in Mang Den was planted by French in the early 20 century intend to build a resort in this place.

Nowadays, due to its relatively remote location, Mang Den is still like a princess sleeping in the forest, with tourism potential. However, you will not be disappointed with this peaceful destination when you come there.


There are many attractive places in Mang Den, especially is Pa Sy waterfall – q wall of standing water in the middle of the jungle – flows around the year. The Pa Sy waterfall resort is also quiet under the canopy of trees and murmuring water of the stream below the waterfall, with the simple wooden stilt house becomes to extremely romatic resort.


Kon Tum is still quite wild, but it is very interesting place and should not be missed. From the late November to the end of March next year the dry sean in Kon Tum is the best time to visit here. You will be immersed in the blue sky, yellow sunshine and breathe the cool fresh air of the Highlands region.

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