Famous Saigon Take-away Cafe Shop- PASSIO and EFFOCcafe

In recent years, take away café shops have been sprouted into existence. It proves that there are many changes in the way of enjoying coffee of Vietnamese people (especially young people). Take-away café shops have been little varied in terms of space and flavor in Vietnam to meet the taste of Vietnamese people.

In Saigon – the most dynamic city of Vietnam, this kind of coffee has gradually occupied a lot of Saigon people’s love. Especially for the young, take- away cafe shops have really become a part of their café culture. Referring to the famous take away cafe shops in Saigon, certainly there are a certain number of young people as fans of Urban Station.


With neon green color, diners easily find Passio Coffee in nice locations on big streets of Saigon.


Opening ceremony of Passio

With its own color and small space, Passion is considered a sample of take-away café: not too large space, favorable location for buyers, no glass door, etc.

Famous-Saigon-Take-away-Cafe-Shop-Urban-Station-cafe2 (1)

Overview Passio

Passio saves in diners’ minds with short and easy-to-remember menu. Dishes in Passio are not too various but have special flavors which meet customers’ requirements even difficult ones.

Famous-Saigon-Take-away-Cafe-Shop-Urban-Station-cafe2 (2)

 Passio drinks

The café shop is a favorite place for students who want to behold busy streets and enjoy fragrant cups of coffee.

Famous-Saigon-Take-away-Cafe-Shop-Urban-Station-cafe2 (3)

A staff is making coffee


Existing on very first days of the take-away coffee in Vietnam, Effoc Coffee is a unique name which is written in reverse of the word “Coffee” after reducing the letter “e”.

Famous-Saigon-Take-away-Cafe-Shop-Urban-Station-cafe2 (4)

 Effoc Coffee

Drinks in Effoc Coffee are still kept with the flavor of Italian café and combined with other strange flavors such as: Amerato, Chai tea, etc.

Famous-Saigon-Take-away-Cafe-Shop-Urban-Station-cafe2 (5)

Drinks in Effoc Coffee

Visiting Effoc, diners will not have to wait too long because its staffs make coffee quickly.

Famous-Saigon-Take-away-Cafe-Shop-Urban-Station-cafe2 (6)

 Effoc Bar

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