Famous Saigon Take-away Café Shop- Urban Station café

In recent years, take away café shops have been sprouted into existence. It proves that there are many changes in the way of enjoying coffee of Vietnamese people (especially young people). Take-away café shops have been little varied in terms of space and flavor in Vietnam to meet the taste of Vietnamese people.

In Saigon – the most dynamic city of Vietnam, this kind of coffee has gradually occupied a lot of Saigon people’s love. Especially for the young, take- away cafe shops have really become a part of their café culture. Referring to the famous take away cafe shops in Saigon, certainly there are a certain number of young people as fans of Urban Station.


It is inspired from stations between urban places full of hustle; Urban Station was launched under the warm welcome of young coffee gourmets in Saigon.


The Urban Station

As its name, Urban Station becomes familiar to customers through doors made like public telephone booths in red color with lighting columns in European style.

Famous-Saigon-Take-away-Cafe-Shop-Urban-Station-cafe (1)

Urban Station 25

Two main colors: red and green of Urban Station is also a distinct style of such this famous chain of restaurant. With young style, various drinks, reasonable price, Urban Station is putting it on the map of F&B sector through its chain of restaurants not only in Saigon but also in big cities.

Famous-Saigon-Take-away-Cafe-Shop-Urban-Station-cafe (2)


Urban Station has just opened the 31st restaurant at B3 floor of Vincom B building.

Famous-Saigon-Take-away-Cafe-Shop-Urban-Station-cafe (3)

Urban Station 31

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