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Located in a busiest shopping center of district 1, Ho Chi Minh, Quo Vadis has its modest appearance but still creates impression thanks to exquisite design right in brown color of signboard with meaningful words.

For literature lovers, Quo Vadis or in other word “Quo Vadis: novel of Nero time” is a historical novel of famous Polish writer Henryk Sienkiewicz. The idea of the novel is originated from his visit of Quo Vadis (Rome), the church was erected in a place where Apostle Peter met Jesus while he was running away.

In the Bible “Quo Vadis” means “Where does teacher go?”. This phrase is associated with the story in the Bible, one of the 12 disciples of Jesus fled from Rome when hearing the news they would be persecuted.

Bring the idea of an old story, the Quo Vadis reproduces an image of an ancient castle in Europe with exquisitely designed and luxurious sofas with high aesthetics . Or items in each corner, corner stairs, on the walls  make ​​people think of the wealth of owner or a rich lady.

lau dai co

Here, you will see three statues of three famous people. One is Beethoven – the famous classical composers from Germany, who is known for symphonic songs. Second is Voltaire, a great writer, author, commentator from France. Finally, Plato- an ancient Greek philosopher who is considered a genius in many fields.

In space full of such humanity, you will truly relax while sipping  delicious juice or sipping longtime wine, keep the peace of mind in jazz music and hearing  cuckoo sound from antique clock every 15 minutes,  soft echoes make you feel like living in an ancient story.

Moreover, Quo Vadis also has a luxury hair salon where the shop owner in person do business. The hair salon is privileged for the shop’s close clients.

The quo Vadis opens from 8 am to 10 pm all days. Beside drinks, the shop also serves European dishes served with wine. Price of drinks and snacks from 48,000 dong / food.

Address: Quo Vadis- 5/7- 5/8 Nguyen Sieu street, Ben Nghe ward, Ho Chi Minh city.

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