For Café Lovers- You Can Not Miss Out Following Café Shops With Stunning Views Part 2


Located on the 27th floor of one of the most beautiful buildings of the city, next to the 5 star hotel New World – AB Tower, Chill Sky Bar is known as a rooftop bar with the ideal height, enough for tourists to admire shimmering beauties of Saigon.

Stunning-views-of-Saigon-cafe (7)

A shimmering Saigon viewed from high

Especially when Saigon by night, on the Chill Sky Bar space, you will be surprised before the beauty of a hustle and vibrant Saigon.

Stunning-views-of-Saigon-cafe (8)

Wonderful view of Chill Sky Bar

Designed by the DWP Thailand – the construction company for well-known architectural work Sirocco in Bangkok, Chill Sky Bar is designed with luxurious lighting system and arranged in an artistic way which gives people a luxurious, lavish and flamboyant feeling. That makes Saigon more romantic, magical and unique at night.

Stunning-views-of-Saigon-cafe (9)

The luxurious lighting system


With the name is taken in the word “light” of Sanskrit, Shri Restaurant bring customers the feeling of a real light from outside.

Stunning-views-of-Saigon-cafe (10)

An airy space

Shri Restaurant with an open space takes full advantage of the light reflected from bright Saigon city which make guests comfortable and airy feelings.

Stunning-views-of-Saigon-cafe (11)

Shimmering candlelight at Shri

At night, Shri become more romantic with yellow light from candles and blue and red lights reflected from the city. This is a very cozy atmosphere that is suitable to small parties with friends, colleagues and relatives.

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