For Café Lovers- You Can Not Miss Out Following Café Shops With Stunning Views

Saigon is as kinky as a beautiful girl but haughty. For those who know to Saigon are very excited but also fear of “She” because She is quite difficult on sweltering weather days with car exhaust or sudden rain. To see all cute expressions of Saigon, we must have creative ways, for example seek a cafe with “favorable” location, watch the change of Saigon, we will love She more and more.

Let’s together with discover coming interesting things:


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Moonlight Coffee Lounge

The café shop with the very cute name “Moonlight Coffee Lounge” is situated on the rooftop of building Parkson C.T Plaza, opposite to Tan Son Nhat international airport. The café shop attracts a lot of tourists because of its airy space and especially unique and nice view. Here, you feel free to chat and watch airplanes taking- off and landing with very large view.


Inside Moonlight Coffee Lounge

Not only young visitors, but a lot of photographers also love this destination with wonderful angles of capturing. The airy space is much suitable for meetings of family and friends after a hard-working day.

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Tan Son Nhat international airport


Saigon Ba is one of most famous bars in Saigon. it is located on the 9th floor of Caravelle hotel.

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Cozy and airy space

With French architecture, tourists however still recognize Vietnam souls with simple airy house of three compartments in the bar. The bar is located in the middle of a large pivot, gives seats for guests to drink and behold Saigon by night in every direction.

Stunning-views-of-Saigon-cafe (2)

Saigon Bar

Saigon Bar is a favorite destination of many Vietnamese youths as well as foreign tourists who expect to behold Saigon landscapes and be one with the cozy and airy space of French architecture combined with Vietnamese soul.

Stunning-views-of-Saigon-cafe (3)

Saigon viewed from Saigon Bar

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