For Vegetarians: Miss Seven Restaurant Highlights with Modern Vegetarian Style

Situated at number 12/10 Truong Dinh street, ward 6, district 3, Miss Seven restaurant has long been a familiar address for those who love vegetarian dishes in Saigon.

Vegetarian dishes at Miss Seven- the combination between traditional and modern cuisine.

In the visualization of people who have never tasted modern vegetarian dishes, vegetarian rice is merely vegetables, cereals; it means a meal is extremely simple and frugal, like meals for dieters. So, many people are not so keen on vegetarian food, vegetarians incline to think much about the spiritual aspect rather than enjoying food. However, at the Miss Seven you will enjoy the taste of traditional vegetarian dishes in a very new style.


Miss Seven viewed from outside


Airy and clean space in the restaurant will make diners feel relaxed when entering


From simple materials, under the skillful hands of Miss Seven’s chef, vegetarian food has become more attractive than ever.


Crowded customers at all ages love vegetarian food in the restaurant.


Miss Seven- an ideal rendezvous for eating and chatting with friends


The good-looking decoration will make your meal tastier.


Delicious vegetarian food in the restaurant: cooked dry bamboo shoot

Serving vegetarian in fast food style, with a variety of vegetarian food, affordable price and whole-hearted and enthusiastic staffs, Miss Seven shall be an ideal restaurant for those who want to enjoy vegetarian cuisine in a quiet and polite space.

Address: 12/10 12/10 Truong Dinh street, ward 6, district 3, Ho Chi Minh city

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